Need better loots system from match-making button

This matchmaking button keeps giving me the same names repeatedly, and all w/ low loots (<200k). We need better loots please. Thanks.

With low loots its becoming very tough to upgrade spells which costs about 3M especially for windows users who cant get free food.

I’ve to refill my silo with gems or buy gold shield to upgrade my buildings/spells.

The match making system is worse after the recent updates.

I understand low loots…but you can always search for bigger loots…of course with bigger loots come harder advesaries …takes a bit longer but it works…and you can keep the ones you like as faves…


Just sayin is all!!!

I am level 69 and ranked around 3000. I just spent about 120,000 gold rolling on new oponents. It took me 51 tries to find any one who had more then 100,000 on them. Most had less the 60,000. I perfered the old match making. I was able to find 250,000 raids all the time.

I would be happy if it would work as nice as for darksilk. I get exclusively “0” medals and loot between 4K-40K.

I have 2 pages of paper for hand-searched opponents which is painful but much more efficient.


I mentioned it ~15 times that matchmaking is not working but I do not get even a response.   So assumingly the devs don’t care because they think its working as intended…


The MOST TIRING and TIME CONSUMING process in the game. 

No wonder why their lots of players stay online for 12 hours just to search for a worthy opponents.


Most of the opponent in my Matchmaking Button normally offers me below 100k golds,

and a 200k golds and above is a rare scenario…


I suggest, WHy don’t u make the Matchmaking button to have a default loot a minimum of 150-200k golds?

 its more efficient to accumulate golds and it reduce our playing time.


Hope you will consider my suggestion.

killemog not sure what my base will offer you but im currently ranking back up so check in some time i try to keep a lil gold to intice players to attack not a fix but having a base thats worth it in your favorites is never bad :slight_smile:

that’s why if the game won give you what you want. you can search. it takes some time and sucks but when you find a good payoff its worth it.

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I don’t have problem with matchmaking system , I think the game now without the gem reset are designed to make you play less and progress slowly.I do 3 raid session everyday sometimes 4 session and I found that loot often reset between 5-6 hours between two session.So after 8 raids I hardly see 200k loot but after I login again for next session I can even get 700k from one base.The only problem is to find base with 200k gold and 250 medals so thats why I prioritise my raid between medals.

My king level is 58 and I’m perfectly fine with the match-making. I always find a decent base with 150k+ and beatable in 5-10 spins at most, which is nice.

suggesting increase loot in general, max loot or decreasing the 25% gold drop in generated loot actually how about bring the gem trick back???

So what you’re saying is, that from Flaregames’ point of view, the current system is a complete success… :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, the fact that it insults me by offering me opponents that give worthless rewards isn’t my biggest gripe. They have the analytics to show that no one attacks those players, but they don’t care because it’s a gold sink. By far the worst is the diminishing returns as you attack more and more players back-to-back. Especially now that the one gem trick is gone, it becomes extremely difficult to find good loot after 2 or 3 attacks.

Farming enough gold for upgrades is already hard enough in this game. The only sane way is to build up a full silo and farms, and do 8-9 attacks back-to-back. But you only get the full reward for the first attack, and everything goes down after that, even though it still costs you the same amount of food to attack.

It’s clear they are unhappy that everyone is doing “farm it and spend it” play sessions, because that’s not their “vision” for how the game should be played. Hence all the changes to try and force people to log out with raidable gold in their treasure chambers (or encourage buying gold shields). But players have discovered that it’s completely stupid to do that, because the amount of gold you lose for being raided is just too harsh, and “having good defenses to protect your gold” is a total joke when anyone can use a cheap scroll or two and easily bypass your defenses.

I search lots of time but sometimes show me someone that have about 150-250 Medals (with little money) and sometimes show me someone that have about 100-200 money (with little Medals). It’s very bad. Please show us better.


nowadays, people give less money