need castle gaurd help

hello last time i posted i got ALOT of good help and also dug up a new tactic of the hit and run thing which helped ALOT too  so i come here for some more advice 


how do you think is the best way to level the waves should i focus on the first 5? should i level them all 1 at a time like wave 1 lvl 10 wave 2 lvl 10 ec… or should i focus on just the 1st like wave 1 lvl 12 and wave 2 lvl 8 ect…


my current wave levels are  











i have 2.5k ish trophys  and am level 66  my defence as far as towers go is getting better but i need to know how to level this up in the most beneficial way so i don’t waste a bunch of time i want to be able to keep up with end game people so i can be a part of them please share your wisdom also what do you use for defending waves, why and how  at my defence range or higher    thank you everyone

I suggest you to build your waves as a wall that is brick by brick in sequence, then as soon as you see you reach something like 28-30 morale points each you can start upgrade your first wave at max then the second and so on. In this way even if you are concentring always at the first wave at least the othe waves that have 28-30 morale points can “slowdown” the enemies better than upgrade only a wave continuously and having all the other very low.

To defend your waves you can put 1 froster in each wave to have a permanent slowdown effect if possible every time. Moreover according to your path design you can put more range troops or more melee troops.

The first waves repeat (up to five depending on length of path and time between waves) so definitely improve those primarily. Ideally all waves should be at max but it just takes so long!

which waves repeat?

Test your base. After all your waves finish they start over again from the first wave. If you make all the troops different for each wave you can test your particular base in timing. It depends on how long your path is (this determine total time limit for an attack) and how short the time is between your waves (see Castle Guard for timing info).

thanks guys for the help