Need English speaking alliance

Ign- SinghVivek 

Player level - 106

Donation - 1000k(will donate daily)           

I need English speaking alliance who like to fight hard in wars on possible maps.( i can score 4k+ skulls against 95% alliances on a normal day) But i have no plans of joining any alliance permanently. I would just like to visit/jump around and meet new people and have different experience.

I don’t have any mandatory requirements for boosts but i will appreciate basic offense boosts.

If you are interested please send me freind request in game. 


hey hulk, could you join Alpha Guard. I know you’re a good active and hard working player, it’d be great to have you

I have there leader on my freindlist 

Great!!! Just contact Maestro and I’m sure you’ll be in here in no time :wink:  

Yep,  maestro is there leader atm :stuck_out_tongue:

 I am at Alpha Guard right now