I have a windows phone and my partner has an iphone. If I was to download this app on the iphone and transferred my account to it, would I be able to play on both phones so that I can do the tapjoy stuff with the iphone but play it for raids and everything else on my windows phone?

Yes it is what I do. I use one device (android) for tapjoy and when i need free bread. I use my windows pc to play this wonderful game at it’s best.

really? you managed to sync the game on both pc and android phone?

Wow…didn’t know that I CAN sync RR2 data between android and Windows Phone.

Now I’m playing RR2 on 2 different mobile OS…sweet!

I feel I need official confirmation as their guide doesn’t state that you can with windows phone



Of course you can with Windows phone!

You can transfer and synchronize your game over devices on Android, Windows and iOS.

Just keep in mind you can only transfer your account twice per 28 days :grinning: