Need help with leadership gear. Picture included

Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t the order go Blue, Purple and then Gold in order of being better? Though that’s the case my rare crown is better than my Epic and Legendary. I’m not sure how the boost on the right works out is it a percentage of the number on the left? Is the cheapest crown I own really better than the most expensive?

I have noticed that too, with some gears.

That’s pretty normal, as your king grows in level every new gear you encounter is supposed to get better in each level, so a gray gear for a level 50 king can be as useful as a level 20 legendary gear. So, in some way we can say each color of gear grows in level with you. I bet that rare crown is new but the epic one is kinda old now, or maybe it’s just luck. Does it make sense?  :stuck_out_tongue:

I got the epic one in the last war so not long ago. I dislike the whole way it works personally. My level 35 account obviously has the “Legendary” gear in Grannys shop for over 100 gems or in chests yet they are pathetic against the ones I will get later on hence why I never spend gems or pearls on gear because with each level the gear will just get better for the same price. But only having my epic crown for around a week doesn’t make sense foe the rare to be better when I have levelled up maybe once since

It depends on how fast you grow, gray and green items usually are useless. By the way, the price of the items grows with level too, I could spend 500 gems for an armor in my actual level…

Until like level 80 you shouldn’t waste gems on gear, it get’s outdated way to fast.