Need help

While playing ninja event… my connection was lost 3 times… plz do somthing.

Pls reply

Buy better internet.

I think you was there when the server breakdown have happen? same before since 6 month. You can read the Page 1 to 20 in Bugs Section. You will see in over 6 month+ RR2 stability its totally missing. Nothing to do with internet. Same a player with 4G or 5G with 1 GB/S cannot keep and stay connected. Same with the most stronger internet. You face the same problem

People experiencing disconnection via Ninja Event the most of the time. This event is full bugged. I have record video about tier 1,200-1,499 and the game disconnect me twice. 1 totally after I finish a island a disconnection of few minutes and one in middle of a raid in red : ‘‘Please…reconnecting’’ and have take over 1 minute. that have scrap a little my video because I don’t have show one island because of this

RR2 server is so unstable but same if we report it day after day .Flare don’t care.

Just sad RR2 Team cannot think like OR Team and expand the size of the server who probably can solve once and for all problem of disconnection.Specifically during Ninja Event

just to give you a little idea of the problem. Server breakdown have take 4 days to fix in RR2. Server Breakdown of few days ago in OR have take 6 hours to fix.

A long long time we ask to RR2 team to wake up and improve RR2 Server