Need Loyal Members for a strong alliance at level 30

Hi Olympians,

We need loyal members for our alliance “Sovereign Gate”. Ranked: 164. Be Loyal and grow stronger with the alliance…!!! We are a non-strict alliance. Players adhering to the below norms can apply for the alliance or let us know your in game id and we’ll send an invite.

  1. Daily donations are must.

  2. Money or gem donations are not forced. However, willing players can donate.

  3. Must participate in war. Players not participating in war for continuous 2 times will be kicked though.

  4. Players above 70 can apply. Players below this level, if wanting to join, please let us know your id in this thread and we ll send an invite.

Happy Hunting.



Illidan Stromrage


I checked your alliance info,why only nine are players are active and your team does have some players judging by their trophy count but you guys don’t like playing wars.

I don’t why anyone who likes playing war would join your team.



hello Illidan Stromrage,

it is true that we found very strange your Alliance was so small when we faced you in latest war.

you have good level members but your team was not as active as we  expected . we even thought at a time you kept fury on purpose.

May be a couple of your members were not connected last week.

for info We currently can accept a small group of active players.

Thorgal17   # ADN

If interested in the future you can send me a message.

Good luck

Thanks for the reply guys. Really appreciate it.

Our alliance members are low because, we don’t force anything on the team members like forced donations or anything. So the alliance is only developing at a steady pace. Yes, we do have certain permanent members who are in really good level (120+). Since, we don’t force anything, our alliance sometimes don’t fight wars with full members participating at same time. We want to enjoy the nature of the game, that’s the main goal. However, loyal member can develop along with the alliance, but nobody understands that fact. They wanna develop quickly and go to top levels which is not easily possible.

We participate in war, that is compulsory.



Yeah, same can be said for your alliance(Not active from the start). But you guys really fought well on the last day. Came back good.


you are right I was not very happy at start. - I can see we have similar way of thinking : we do not blame anyone if he is busy in real life or forget to donate or if donation level is low. We prefer to maintain a good atmosphere and a stable team -  nice talking with you

I wish you good luck ?

Good luck to you too… Hope we meet again in war…