Need Members

Alliance name is GIVIN IT OUR ALL!! Cheesy I know but meh, names aren’t everything.

I just started the alliance, but I’ve been working hard at building myself up better and stronger, as well as my alliance. I’m not asking for much, just that you are active. When war time comes you pitch in some and help out. Anyone is welcome at this point! Thanks :slight_smile:  

If you really are starting from skratch (read: alone, without a group of friends) on an alliance, I suggest you join another alliance. Eventually becoming a general will give you about the same privileges as a leader.

Focussing on your alliance tower will get you in higher level alliances quicker.

If you decide to ignore my advice, all good as well & good luck with your alliance  :slight_smile:

I was part of another alliance and well they started sucking so I left and started my own. I will take your advice tho. I thought about joining another but then I"m just like dang it I’ve come soooo far already. Thank you