Need new update of this game

We need one of the major change in this game and this is very, very important. 

Flare should give us a proper attack history option (activity log) in this game.
Flare should give us 2 types of attack history option (activity log) in one place
(1) When we r going to attack someone 
(2) When someone attack us
Flare should give us a watch button in attack history option (activity log) so we can watch the each n every raid of all offence and defence.

Thank You :slight_smile:

Yar mujhey game kiun quit karwaya phir lol ?

We will discuss this suggestion for a future version, thanks for suggesting

Thanks flotha.

It would be cool if Flare make this. It’s perfect to build up a defense.

hmmm, maybe discuss but nothing more I bet. These things have been requested many times over the years.

At least they showed they noticed, and not ignored it completely like 99% of suggestions.

But yeah, I’ve long given up on expecting anything.