Need official responds about incoming update video that deleted immediately!

WHY??? Is it because it shows your greediness to us???

Wheres the greedy part ?

I don’t know a 4th unit? Maybe the game gonna be so much easy like this? Just think you can have now blazing Knight,Arblaster,Cannon and Froster or something like that. The Dungeon gonna be so easy all the first one until Vein of Gold XXIII.

I am sure that gonna make the game un-balanced somewhere 

just think about it just wait the new update create a new account buy gems and unlock the 3rd units,construct Alliance Tower and join a alliance bingo with a 4th units level up at 1 to 70 in 1 weeks gonna be so easy now.

Flaregames need to have up level of Arrow Tower and Bomb tower at level 20 or its gonna be totally un-balanced

Flaregames are u kidding me? “1 Free slot with facebook?”  I don’t have Facebook. Flaregames please us “Brain” Not everybody have Facebook

players who connected with fb have had problems…this is typical flare…it sucks


No facebook ? Create one, maybe fake one 

I would never connect to FB again it’s made life very inconvenient, being a leader having to ask generals to contact players as I can’t add or remove anyone, hope they fix this bug with this update. 

when is the update

It’s perfectly fine in connecting with Facebook. Almost every single game asks you to connect to Facebook for additional benefits. And if someone doesn’t want to connect it’s fine you can still play the game like it was before. :slight_smile:

I don’t like the idea of 4th unit slot. Flare has run out of ideas. What is it? Day after day i realize this game is close to an end. 

i do not like a 4th unit slot players would get very strong fast