need opinion :D

im a level 57 king. just found a 11.6% gold increase ring from granny, at discount price 191 gem. is it worth it? im using ring with 167 leadership at the moment. tell me your opinion :wink:

It was.

Yes very useful have a full set of gold bonus, be sure that those 191 gems spent , will be rewarded with lot of gold !  :slight_smile:

thx you guys :wink:

Agreed. everyone needs a set of gold boost items, its will pay for itself in the long run. 11.6% is pretty dang good for a lvl 57 ring too, that thing will last you until lvl 80 atleast. Good find

I don’t think so…never ever compromise with your leadership stats,because leadership not gold boost will decide how fast your morale recharges in battle.ring is surely good but it will only work for you when you are attacking player showing very low medals because that base Is easy but when you attack tough bases according to your trophy level you gonna need good leadership stats.also if you are competing in league,there also you will need good amount of medals to win,there also leadership I think one should give preference to leadership over gold boost,which you can easily get from your alliance…

Sure, gold boost won’t make it easier to raid. But 11% gold boost will increase your loot noticeably, while the 167 leadership from his previous ring is mostly unnoticeable.

Sure, more leadership is cool but if the difference is so small, it doesn’t make much of a difference really. Also, let’s say you get 200k loot on every base, then the gold ring gives you 20k free additional gold on every raid. 


Anyway, I currently have a 13% gold boost ring and a 700 leadership ring. Here, it can really make some difference on raiding performance if I use gold instead of leadership. But now compare that with bosubosu’s items: 11.6% and 167 leadership. Notice something? His gold boost ring is almost as good as mine, while his leadership ring is not even 25% of mine. Thus, I’d say the leadership ring was outdated/weak anyway. 

hehe thx for the answer, wow that comparing by Heroesflorian made me love my gold ring more hehe

Just enjoy your new ring, gold bonus can be used sometimes… Someone has base open… Find a easy base with a lot of gold…

Don’t sell your leadership rings though, if some tough base with very hight gold reward… I rather 100% the base without the ring then 70% the base with gold boost ring.

The best combination should be, have leadership with gold boost bonus together, so you don’t lose the potential of leadership and in the meantime you don’t lose the extra potential of gold bonus !

Now for me i’m trying to search equipment that have both lot of leadership and gold boost ! So if i have to do some raids i don’t give up for leadership or gold boost, but i have both !

Nice approach hehe! :wink:

It may be worth it i guess

it sure is wolfy :wink:

I generally only run gold boosts on my ring and belt; there aren’t a lot of good bonuses for those until you reach lvl 80 or higher. I rarely see a ring with more than 250 leadership and honestly that’s not that much of a help compared to getting an extra 15% or so in gold per raid. For boots I generally go with speed bonus.