Need Strong Members

Hey! My alliance is in need of 8 strong, social and dedicated members! We’re short in members now because when I took this alliance over, a lot of the members were sitting ducks and they were kicked out. Now I need 8 members who will help fight in all Alliance Wars! Find me! THE VANGUARD LEGION. Please put the period at the end. My friend code is AYHCDKIU

For a moment I thought this was the top vanguard legion

:slight_smile: the vanguard legion…is diferent that VANGUARD LEGION LOL. greetings.

Ovoneus…if you interesting a strong alliance, i want invited to BRAVEHEARTS OF ASIA alliance. search me friend, sent me invitation in the game and we talk about. ok. i watch your profile in the game bro :wink:

I didn’t come up with the name. The Alliance was handed over to me. Let’s look past that and join my Alliance lol