Need to crack down on players using "auto click"

Why does Flare continue to allow players to use “auto click” apps? It’s so blatantly obvious that at least one of the top 10 players has an app or script running.


Need to bann such players

Well actually you can’t prove that.
Also being constantly online doesn’t mean that he really is he could also be under constant raid.
That’s your fair share for being a the top.


Of course I can’t prove it but Flare can. As for being raided, that is easy to detect because trophies change. This wasn’t the case in my study.

You know that a player that just begun the game can attack top without making any impact ?

Yes, I realize this but the profitability that this is all that is happening is low. There are others in the top 10 that don’t exhibit the same amount of time “online”.

No one can prove it. Not you, not Flare. It’s one of those things where there’s nothing that anyone can do about it.

Auto click doesn’t just go back and forth in a fixed time, there are softwares that alternate the time between clicks. How can the developers differentiate that from real human clicks then? Answer is as above. No way.

They could check what applications are being run in the background.

I bet there’s a fixed subset of applications which only have this purpose :wink:

That sounds like spyware. You want Flare to be able to scan through your PC to see what applications is running in the background? I sure hope not.


You are incorrect. There are ways to verify that an individual is online and not just running a program.

Do explain. How?

Otherwise, it’s just as good as saying “hey Flare please crack down on players using VPN to use multi account.”

Same problem faced by Flare. There’s just no way to detect it.

Easy. Just make a field to click at a RANDOM position every 5 minutes when you are not in a battle. If you are online in front of your device you can click it. An autoclicker can’t. And if you use the autoclicker to click anywhere on the screen it is easy to detect.

And the game wont log you in until you click the field, not as today where you are logged in again by clicking anywhere. Same goes for restarting the game, so you can’t trick it by closing the game and restarting again.

If they want to fix this problem, they can. With a small amount of effort …

That’s prevention, not detection.

If it’s prevention, of course it’s easy. Even easier than that random field you just suggested, just make everyone to be open to being attacked, just like in war.

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