Need to show all enemies when entering a match

when u go to attack someone you can see the troops that they have chosen. If they more then what fits on screen it skips that. What’s the point of even having that. Plus its deceptive. Plz fix that immediately


What is shown are the 5 most-used* troop types (* “most morale points used on this troop type”), in descending order from left to right.

This gives you a relatively good impression of what troops to expect the most. I personally see no point in listing every single troop type used, and I couldn’t care less about a single knight between two dozen of arblasters.

Imho, showing top5 troop types of a base is enough to prepare yourself, while keeping unnecessary little details away and also avoiding perfect knowledge and leaving a small portion of potential “secret”/surprise for the defender.

Anyway, this is definitely no bug but intended behaviour.