Need verification on lvl 8 Ceres Pal

I have a level 8 Ceres Pal that has 17 spirit howel moral points.  In the Utube video I saw by FTB his lvl 8 Ceres had 18 moral pts.  Can anyone verify which value is correct?  I’m not sure if there was an update or if mine is bugged.  Thanks in advance 


Mine has 18 too. It’s probably because of the hero level. What level are you?

Hero lvl 98

Mine also has 18 morale.

Yeah, it’s because you are lower level than FTB, so higher level players get higher stats on pals

Hopefully someone my lvl or below that has Ceres can confirm that because everything so far has been lvl 8 pet = 18 moral

103 lvl 18 morale

112 lvl 18 morale


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