Needed New 7 Morale Troop

I’ve brought this up many, many times, but we still need a new troop which requires approximately 7 Morale.  We have a ton of troops that cost 5 or less Morale and quite a few troops that cost 10 or more Morale, but literally nothing between this gap!  And a troop of this size would be very useful filling up defensive waves!

Over time I’ve made several suggestions as to what this troop would be:

Today I had another idea! 

Kicking Bombs back is such an integral part of the game, but!  We don’t have any troops which launch kick-able bombs!  I’d love to see a troop that launches kick-able bombs! 

Possibly it’s another projectile weapon like a catapult.  Catapult at 7 Morale works for me. 
Or it’s a crazy little magic carpet dude (since the idiots are Flare refuse to fix the Gargoyle maybe take another shot at a flying unit)!

But that’s my idea(s) for the day:
7 Morale Troop (it’s a must)
Kick-able Bomb Troop (it would be cool)


I like the 7 morale troop. A kickable bomb from troops would be neat. Maybe the poison cannon?

I still hope they make the Mortar more useful so I don’t want to step on the Mortar’s toes (with another poison). 

Although, wouldn’t mind just making the Mortar much more powerful (but kick-able) and then increasing the Morale cost. 

I’ve also waited for a troop like this

Any thoughts on what you’d want the troop to be?  I’m not dead set on any of my ideas (obviously, I had 4 different ideas listed). 

Why not something good in offense…instead of, you know, useless, like the past troops

A mounted troop, a horseman maybe. The horseman would be very fast (cuz of the horse) and have a lot of health, but low damage, but his special effect would be a charged attack that deals good damage to a troop of his choice


1- He deals normal damage, but it’s weak against troops, towers and obstacles

2- Charged attack only hits one troop at a time, but it’s really  potent (so he’s good when facing monsters, but bad when beating tiny units)

3- Charge ability is cast each 10 seconds

4- Horsemen deal extra damage against pal beasts, thus making them useful in something else beside the special effect

5- I think 8 morale would be a good cost

I posted a unit exactly like this awhile ago

I think that it should really be a new pal. Like a horse or a ram with the charge ability

We will discuss all these ideas for a future version :slight_smile:

:slightly_frowning_face:   We’re looking for a 7 Morale Troop.  :slightly_frowning_face:

I’m against the horseman for logistical reasons. 

They’re going to make him huge and take up a ton of the path. 

Once they make him huge, they’re going to decide he take approximately 15 Morale like all the other huge units.

And worst of all his charge will be constantly distracted by the Necromancer’s Skeletons, again making the Necromancer even more imbalanced.

I like the idea, but he just doesn’t work in Royal Revolt.


I just checked the top players on the Leader Board and 9 out of 10 had Necromancer as their most common unit in their Defensive Wave.  And the only one that didn’t, had her second.  That is a balancing failure (again)!  We should be seeing an equal likelihood for: Werewolves, Necromancers, Ogres, Vikings, and Monks (maybe even Mummies).  And despite this fact Flare still clings to the belief the freaking Necromancer need a defensive Health multiplier of 3 to 4 times it’s offensive!  You succeeded, it’s the most over used troop (on defense)!  Can you now dial it down a little bit?

it’s not a big deal to not have 7 morale troop Maerique

Nuclear Blast.jpg

But it’s the topic of this thread :slight_smile:

Let’s keep it on track.



I can’t disagree with him? What the heck?

You are talking about Pal when @Maerique is mentioning new 7 Morale troop. This is not the topic here. It’s not a question of not being ok to disagree. It’s a question of remaining on topic.


Yeah, I totally understand. My point was that the troop he was suggesting would fit better as a pal. It seemed off-topic, when really, it wasn’t. Sorry for any misunderstanding


Damn it!  I thought people weren’t allowed to disagree with me anymore!  :angry:

7 morale unit would be cool. Make it a gold perked unit ( same like kaiser) so that it is used in gold set up. We really need to increase the gold flow in the game. A lot of thing to upgrade and there is always gold scarcity, also flare has forgot to held a festival even when they said it will be more frequently part of the game. So increase the gold percentage in game itself. 

This unit has a golden rope and does in line normal damage plus every 5 sec it hits its rope on the ground and all unit coming in its line gets jumped above the ground and are unable to fight till they comeback. Its effect can be ended by knockback or scream. 

Name is  goldie