negative result @ level 130 raid & won battle

I have this error already the second or third time : i have successfully completed a fight, 99% a tower is missing ... and it scored nothing ... only negative points. Normally that would be gold and points. In the picture you can see the 99% ,the opponent is bigger than me, he is level 130 Please check, this problem is very annoying ... I don't know what the game calculate for this negative result.

Hi Jesper,

We’re sorry to hear that. But thank you for showing that to us. In case it happens another time, could you please tell us again?

sure i will do ?

but i hope, it happen not so many times … ? are hard work :grinning:

Something similar. (not mine)

After the completion of all the islands, it turned out not the first place. The audit showed that the 4th island is zero!