Negative trophies

I wanted to share this with you guys! 


(This was not modified)



bang -                    A long time ago, before MasterE and even HsMk, there was a top player called mischel. He was a boss! He was always 1st in the top 10 and he was second to NONE! Well he was until 1 day, a guy called InstantNoodles was angry and jelous (damn spelling) because he was getting all the fame and respect, so he assembled his rebellion and then they marched 100 hrs non stop to mischel’s place (castle).

So when he and his troops got to his place, he ordered all of his troops to kill anyone they see but he saved the cannons for the buildings. He was raided by me so much that his game glitched out and he lost everything (well not everything just his trophies)!


Oh and by the way I didn’t raid him continuously if you’re curious, I was just searching and then I pressed enter by mistake



Another post from chickennoodlesoup with so importent and needfull news.


Here another news i will share with all, perhaps not so importent but …


“In china is a rice bag fallen over. no one was injured.”

Chickennoodlesoup, do not make fun of negative trophy players, they are living in the much darker part of the world, The Underland. It’s a more sinister darker part of the RR world, its not easy to survive there. Its on a completely different level, something which we cant even begin to comprehend…

I know what it feels like, seriously! I’ve reinstalled this game 4 times!

Fine if you guys don’t get me, which you don’t, then I’ll just leave the forums and I’ll play rr2 peacefully.

And this time Atlas1000 I do not have any second thoughts :angry:

why would anyone be injured, it’s just a bag :huh:

@chickennoodlesoup: I dont know what you know what im going to say soooooo… ill just say ill soon enough get you in the negatives(honestly didnt know what to post)

honestly I knew you were gonna say that

Ok lol not sure if there was some real point / topic in there, but nice catch if the screenshots are real :wink:



Probably those underworld players live in eternal darkness between the dungeons and try to hide themselves from angry ogres and werewolves that are all around?

I thought the underworld was for players who hack and cheat, guess not :unsure:


i’m sorry gja, i didn’t know what came over me.