Negativity around Conquest

I’m really hoping Flare doesn’t think that a few very loud people in the forum speak for all of us.

Pretty much all 64 members of the alliance I am in are completely fine with the Conquest event.

Of course it could use a few fixes, particularly matchmaking, but I’m tired of seeing the same people 3 people whining about Conquest with nothing valuable to add to the conversation.

It’s not 3 people at all, pay close attention to the forums before you assume the number of people that don’t like conquest

No one in my alliance likes Conquest (we’re winning the current one, btw). The sole purpose of me creating this account was that I could represent our 60 members here

Bobotis ?

Wie geht es dir? Alles gut bei dir? Hast schon Mut sowas zu schrieben 

Same for VL. We hve some whi dnt like, but mostly everyone like

Das ist er nicht

Bobothemighty gehört nicht zum Bobotis-Clan ?

Hatte ihn aber auch schon mal gefragt. Also den Fireblade


People should at least try to give  suggestions about how to fix the current Conquest.

There may be a long way ahead, but I think Flare proved that they’re trying to improve it as much as possible…

The thing is…

It takes time! :grinning:


But the problem is, how many players will have left by the time flare manages to fix this?

Don’t want this game to die in the near future

Also, I’m not a creative person, so you guys would’ve to give the suggestions. ?

The only question I ask myself since release of this “Update”:

Why did flare implement this Conquest in Royal Revolt II? It would be much better fit in a Royal Revolt III - Version where we all can start from the beginning…

I think, more than 60 members of a team think twice.

LOL what we must not read on this forum. You try to convince who with this post? Yourself? you really want to believe Conquest is a success? When all topic and poll prove the inverse.You can dream on all you want day and night over week and month. The truth is no one like Conquest and no one care about Conquest. Conquest is a failure now and will be a failure ever same in future because no one like it. At least the majority don’t like it. Over 60% of players if no more

Do you read all the topic and post here on the forum? if on 300 members close 90% hate it. Imagine now in the game. So like you said really well by the way don’t talk for all of us. Talk for yourself and yourself only.

You can try to convince some people here if you want but the truth is no one like Conquest. The truth is if tomorrow Flare remove from the game Conquest. 90% of players will celebrate it and will be happy.

You represent just a minority and minority of people who like it. So don’t speak for all of us. Speak for yourself next time and take time to read all topic about Conquest if you want.

Thank you

PS : Since the 1st Conquest. I think you are the only one and Cromka here on the forum to like it. I don’t remember to have read someone clearly said he like it so much. Oh wow 2 person like it. Youhou we will celebrate it. Flare its a success. 2 person like it.

Same if you don’t accept it Conquest is a failure and cannot admit it like everyone here. Continue to deny it.

its like the real world. some compagnies create product who are a total failure. they become bankrupt and close the door. Not all product are a success. its the reality. Here in RR2 Conquest is a failure.

Dachte er wäre das. Er und seine Familie waren mal ne Zeit lang bei meinen clan ( Schon etwas her ) Wie man Conquest mode gute finde kann verstehen ich nicht. Einige mögen das Hut ab. Die 1 Version vom Conquest war eine Pre Alpha.  Aktuell version Closed beta. Mit denn nächste “Verbesserungen” dann Open beta ?. Auch nächste Conquest mode wird ein Flop. Flare müsste mal Stellung beziehen und fragen beantworten. Ps: Sorry Madlene das ich auf Deutsch schriebe. Dein Englisch ist so süß ?

Exactly. there is so negativity around Conquest because its a failure. the fact are the fact no matter what.

Top10 clans  like Conquest mode ?.  Flare never remove this. MONEY MONEY MONEY

No one wants the game to die, but things take time to implement.

That’s just how things work.

We’re human, not machines.

I believe this is true( leaving aside the money part as it is irrelevant to this topic )

It was a suggestion given by players, like 3 years ago, but unfortunately not very well executed

Are you serious? There are literally more than 20 post with suggestions about Conquest…

Well…i like…love the conquest…but because of all the problems its not much fun to play the conquest.

I am one of those players that stay up at night…trying everything to make the conquest a succes for our allie but it is very frustrating do to the flaws in the game.

I keep my hope up for better gameplay…because i do love the conquest?

Biggest problem with conquest is that there really is not much wrong with it (big improvement on the first one)… and most suggestions made on the forum will only make it worse by disturbing the balance.

f.e. Giving the possibility to retreat from a battle takes away the possibility to use the strategy to lock enemies in while doing an attack on an important place.

f.e. Making the event much shorter takes away the possibility to fight back or take revenge.

Some are complaining about movement to slow. But if that is changed it will be needed to be online all the time cause then enemies can move faster too.

Matchmaking will get better when everyone starts looking at how many towers they build to get in the correct tier.

Wisdom price for research to high? Not really, cause if everyone can do all researches then we might as well all don’t do it. If everyone has every research done, then it wouldn’t make any difference at all…

But having said that, I can’t say I really really like it, cause there are so many issues (every team has strong and too weaker guys who would better not do anything, time issues, bullying, boring/frustrating…)

BTW, our team won both first conquests (first one was hectic until the last moment, second was boring from the second day cause the order was clear and we tried to let the other teams get their rewards)