Neglected Spells and Recommendations

Hallo FlareG and fellow community members,


I LOVE the fact that FlareG is constantly monitoring our feedback and uses it to introduce new updates, hence I d like to present a few of my ideas on how to REALLY boost the usefulness of neglected spells, in the hope that FlareG will implement some of them to improve RR2 gameplay  :slight_smile:


  1. Doesn’t toxic cloud look like a smoke screen when your hero casts it?

I suggest that FlareG makes all your units within the radius of the toxic cloud INVULNERABLE for the duration of the spell (4 secs) to all projectiles from enemy units and towers (gargoyles from fire towers and skull bombs should be considered as projectiles too despite the fact that gargoyles SLAM DUNK their bombs “in your face”, and skull bombs do area damage). Poison, ice and fire towers should be able to damage your units normally since they have a melee attack range. (Of course FlareG should increase the radius of the spell to cover more troops, and make it effective)


  1. Doesn’t the greenish colour of the toxic cloud look like corrosive acid?

My recommendation here is that, although I like the fact that towers have high resistance to poison, it d be REALLY cool if all enemy units and towers would receive ADDITIONAL damage from your units and your melee attacks if positioned within the radius of the spell (because corrosive acid softens enemy armor and tower reinforcements making them more receptive to attacks…like diablo 2’s necromancer “amplify attack” curse).


Anyway, these were my recommendations on the toxic cloud spell, I ll soon post my suggestions on the other spells too.


Please let me know what you think about my recommendations my fellow community members :slight_smile:

As you said since poison should be “acid” and so it should eat/corrode things like also steel or any kind of material depending on how much acid is, i would like to see an increment of damage in terms of corrosion, in this way it could be evaluated again this spell and no more leave aside from the arsenal.


Also at the beginning of the game Toxic Clous isn’t good for a new player because he/she can see clearly its useless against towers and also troops even at good level unfortunately. So in my opinion a good increase in damage or simply that towers or troops have less resistence by this spell could be interesting and will let people to find new combo during raids.

I m glad you re agreeing with me oPelle, toxic cloud would be SOOOOOOOOOO COOL if FlareG implements my 2 recommendations.


Moreover, I d like to add that FlareG shouldn’t just amplify the damage enemy units and towers receive when within the radius of the spell, but it should also reduce their attack speed, moving speed and attack damage, it d be as if the toxic cloud is choking all enemy units and towers making them unable to fight properly.


In other words, FlareG should make toxic cloud more like diablo 2’s necromancer curse “Decrepify” (rather than “Amplify damage” as I mentioned in my first post)