Nemesis 5.0 VS Top base in war gear


I’m sorry that there are few comments, I myself have so far little understood what happened to my favorite nemesis.

As soon as this clears up I will release another video.

So far I can only say that I like that he now does not interfere in the “bubble” state and it was incredibly easy to beat the top base.

this is the first raid after update, then I will look for ways to get 100% of the base. wait for new combos. soon…


Really awesome video! Keep putting these kinds of videos out there, fun to watch!

Thanks a lot!

I do them when inspiration comes and there is something to tell.

nemesis has become a very good pal and I am very happy about it, thanks to everyone who participated in the proposal for improving this pal. good work commynity and flare team

First of all, great job in that raid, especially in war gear.


It’s funny how that exact base layout is very hard for Fritz combos, but it’s super easy for big army combos.

Black Magic used to be a not really usefull spell, but since people are switching from Necromancers to Vikings in defense, it’s now copying Vikings and Wolves, which just turned BM into a useful spell. ?

Took a video recently myself of a 5.5k raid using Nemesis, might try PF instead of TC because honestly it’s kinda fun if you’ve ever tried it!

P.S. I did have to time warp, that’s because I don’t forge my gear much let alone my skull gear yet because I’m not level 130 yet.

@ReaperEOD Try this combination in the war.




It does not require special perks on things like your hammer. and warboosts are not durable.

Learn to play with what you will have for a long time.

and thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Translocation + Skull Perk Gloves are amazing! One of my favorite items in the game. Very helpful item!