Nemesis?How to get in new update

In the new update,there is no way to get nemesis…can you please tell how to own nemesis for players who don’t have it??


We’ll see :slightly_smiling_face:. But if it’s with the circus pass, I do hope they offer a gem exchange option eventually.


That’s how you can get it, pretty low price btw :wink:


Yeah, that is if you have the gems to spare.

How does everyone find gems - that is w/out spending real money? I would like to know cause I am having a dam time getting enough to buy or upgrade anything which requires gems

Mostly ninja, winning the cups, defense fails, daily gift, daily gem (not so secret), treasure drops and the rare blacksmith meltdown gift. They tease you with them in the COF (won’t get unless you pay for more attempts even with luck gear). Depends on your tier for a lot of things, but for example you get a couple hundred max tier in conquest too reaching reward pts. They can add up, though they are easier if you can repeat things and have the time to invest.

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I am a completely free player… I managed to collect gems by playing ninjas… Ninjas are the main source…

Other sources are regular chests, conquest chests, dungeons, converting vouchers into gems, completing achievements…

But you have to make sure you DONT spend the collected gems for unnecessary purposes like using scrolls and revives in battle arena… Spending gems to buy uber chests or the rune chests… Spending gems to get faster upgrades or more food or level up hero… Buy more workers than necessary… Buy more of hero inventory slots… Buy festival chests…

Unless you can spend money, refrain from doing any of the above… Gems are very crucial, but if you can manage how you spend it economically, you need not worry about gems, because you get a lot of gems if ypu can save them…

Perhaps my theme can guide you. You can win free gems, playing other games through granny, but from the mobile.

yeah but I do all of that, not spending frugality, save every single one of them, still cannot get to a place where I can upgrade my AT,
I refuse to buy gems, that seems the only thing for me to do though in order to achieve anything.

no not at all… i didnt buy gems either… You just get it… i dont even know how i get gems, but i value every single gem i get…

And i wait for discounts to upgrade.

Previously when i was lvl 95, i didnt value gems much… i didnt wait for discount events, i wasted gems on revives in fear of losing trophies… then, when i reached about lvl 100, i started saving and boom! gems are everywhere…

lol do dungeons you can get a lot got 1,000 aldready had 1,000 so had 2,000 =gems galore