Nemesis in Pro League!

Glad to see that Nemesis is going to be our pal in this upcoming Pro League. It’ll be a good way for players to test him out and think about saving up 150k for him!

We had this pal before too but I guess for those who couldn’t participate in previous Nemesis PL can try it tomorrow to feel his ability.

That’s exactly why many people say Nemesis is useless, Awesomest.

Because we already had one pro-league in the past to test the pal and nobody was convinced while playing him…

Let’s hope this PL changes our opinion, given that Flare buffed the pal sometime ago.

They can rig the Pro League to make Nemesis look like a killer.

  1. Offense (troops and spells): low level + unforged + unboosted

  2. Defense (troops and towers): mid level + unforged + boosted

  3. Combo: mostly defensive spells without effective damaging power. Example: shield + heal + toxic cloud, or stun, or a weak Hammerstrike

  4. Nemesis pal: high level (9-10)

That would make Nemesis look like a very powerful pal.


If I wanted to promote spending 150k on Nemesis, that’s what I would do and it might even turn out to be a fun Pro League.

Nemesis is useless


all the time i play with him, im so happy that i spent my cristals on items… 


worthless pet ever, even  if it was 50k i would not buy him

Nemesis is useless.That why maybe just 1 or 2% of player have it. Better save crystal and buy Phoebe for you alliance and specifically if you don’t have unlock her in defense

Now that I’ve played this week’s pro league it seems that this is what they tried to do.

Nemesis still looks really bad.

I personally did not feel her power. Irmgard is the best pal for me

Nemesis is a good pal but not worth spending 150k crystals.  ??