Nemesis - most expensive pal and worst ability why?

So I got bored and bought nemesis although I had a bad feeling about it. 

His ability seems so horrible. When he turns into beast he basicly does no damage and spawns a few skeletons which dies instantly anyway and he wastes time transforming back and forth from beast form so he just freezes up most of the time omg  ?

I’m level 129 and nemesis level 9. Seems like for a damage pal even regular Kaiser is tons better 

Maybe you need to get more of them so you can unlock the beast in defense and shares us that experience then ?

This week underpowered, next week overpowered.

Who knows? ?‍♂️

The best pals provide attack and defense buffs, Aska/Ceres/Irmgard all provide healing troops, or copy them, Fritz slows the enemy down giving a chance to make space and recover.  Pal flute takes so long to activate, that the beast is almost useless when it finally appears, Nemesis is the antithesis of the problem.

Exactly. I would actually prefer it if nemesis never used it’s ability because it takes forever to activate  + it doesn’t do anything at all. It’s damage becomes worse than normal non beast attack lol 

will never buy it

Well, all the reports I see about this pal are of people complaining that it is not good. Did not you see this before you bought it? They are even on youtube.

Nemesis is the 5th pro pal. He’s like those little things you get inside a Cereal box. “COLLECT ALL FIVE!”

My point is, some people will feel the need to buy this pal just because they don’t have it. This is just what flare wants. Nemesis is just a money grab scheme. If you want to collect him to have all the pals, go right ahead!


You got bragging rights now. ?

Nemesis was just a huge mistake.
Making that pal overpriced also makes it really really hard to balance.

Now you’ll either have a super expensive pal that is not even really worth it OR you have a super strong pal that will give you victories just because you paid a lot for it.
Both situations are bad.

Yeah payed with hard earned crystals for playing well in PL. It’s not like you pay them with gems ($$) and instantly get the pal. 

Doesn’t worth 150k, with pal its a loose loose situation, if its good pal, they will nerf it any way. 

I would invest my pal treat in ASKA not nemesis, but again, they will nerf him too soon again :slight_smile:

Well, you do need the gems just to be in PL, so it’s not that different.
Instead of paying gems directly for the pal, you are paying gems to collect the currency that you need to buy the pal.

My point is: everyone expects prices to be equivalent to strength.
But with Nemesis price being so high that just can’t happen, because giving it the equivalent strength (x6 better than other pro pals!!!) would be just broken,
so it’s always going to be a “not really worth it” pal.

Nemesis is like Neymar: they are overpriced for their skills. However Nemesis beast is as strong as Phoebe beast. Finally, “One time offers” with (maybe 3) Phoebe cost almost €110.

My question is, how many Nemesis pals do you have to donate to get the Nemesis Beast? If it’s as many as Phoebe, 25, then that’s a butt ton of crystals. About 3,900,000, if 25 pals are bought by ONE person. It’s probably more like 5 million with different players. Even if you only need 10 to be able to unlock the beast, it still costs over 1.5 million crystals. I mean what the heck? It’s not that easy to get crystals right now. Imho, from what I’ve seen of the Nemesis Beast, it’s not worth the work. You’re much better off just getting Phoebe and the Phoebe beast!