NEMESIS - new pro pal

SO…the big question : What is this new pro pet…?

150, 000 crystals are way too many 

like always…Flare exagerates…it s like the subscription price…

If it has a “No-Bug-Aura” it is worth the 150k.

Price are put high to keep you playing this game. At the rate i’m accumalating crystal, it would take me 32 weeks to get one.

In order to cost that much, maybe it can cast time warp, or it has skull bonuses that will totally make war imbalance… or both

This pro pal was already used in a previous pro league, I just can’t remember which one.

Can anyone link to the FTB’s video with Nemesis?

now they should fix tiers in EVERY pro league, it’s not possible that the fifth get only 3 chests and a few crystals -.-

Flare is more stimulating to cheat!!!

pro-pro cup

I hope NEMESIS can prepare breakfast, launch and dinner for that price

This new pal is FUEL for the PL cheaters. They get it very soon, and might up destoying game (depending on capabilities of Nemesis). Im worried here fg?

Wtf! 150k crystals??? Way to go flare… this will encourage the cheaters even more. Us normal guys will need months to get even close to that amount. 


Maybe better to stop p(l)aying pro all together ?


Let’s hope it’s just another display-bug ?

Yup.  We need 8-9 months for this and pro rewards should be balanced out a bit.   It is so top heavy and yes it encourages cheaters.   I usually fall between 150-250.   And with those rewards.   8-9 months for me.       Already the game has so many hacking pro.   This will screw the part of the game I like

I don’t think so. Can you link to the video?

WTF? lol 150k are you nuts? for a free player at 1 ticket by month. Will take If you do like me rank 600 at 2,600 crystal  just 58 month. Pretty easy ? lol

Flare c’mon at this price can he go work and gain money,do all foods,clean the house,answer the phone,etc? its the rich model. Where are the normal model at 50k crystal with less option?

And then they will have those one time offer. Nemesis will probably be sold at USD 500 lol

Nemesis will steal the soul of every troop that you kill during a raid, during the duration of  his ability and then they will fight for you

this is too much, so the new pal is only for cheaters or people who are really pro.

it gets tired of collecting it in a professional league, Please sell one at a time with proshop at 1000 yen or 2000 gem.

Before completing the Memesis Beast?I will be dead? One skull point enters Flare.