Nemesis pal, anyone tried it?

So tomorrow I can afford to buy nemesis and I just watched the nemesis pal video on youtube and it didnt really seem that special.  Spawns skeletons and does normal damage only when its in beast form. 

But did anyone try him out and got anything to share? Is it really Worth 150k Crystal? price seems insanely steep compared to all other pals and I dont think it looks like its Worth it from FTB video. 

Man, I don’t know what to tell you. Like you said, I’ve only seen videos of the pal and its beast form. If I were you, I’d spend on something else, cause from what I’ve seen it looks to be significantly worse than a lot of other pals. Imo, Nemesis is just a pal for a collector to buy

I would buy. knowing the flare, tomorrow he can become an imba. Irmagrd can become a gentle animal, a panda can stop restoring health.

if possible - take

Take everything you can have

but now nemesis is a joke

Yes, I tried it on Pro League and haven’t tried it again after that ? (there’s update regarding the pal stats after that, perhaps now he’s become more useful?).

If you but it, let ut know if it’s good ?
Dou  already saw the video from FTB?

Yep I saw that video and that’s why I decided to not buy it after all haha

After the fate of the poor Ceres, there are still people out there so brave to invest 150k on Nemesis?

After the fate of the poor Ceres, there are still people out there so stupid to invest gems in Pro tickets to take pals?

After the posts I have seen appearing here, they will soon nerf Phoebe beast too…and all those crystals invested by the allies will turn to ashes…

However I can understand , if you have collected 150k cry you have no further needs from the pro league shop, but I would invest them on items instead of pals.

Well I have all the items and other pals there. Investing gems is good if you know how to play since usually there are gems in the chests think I got like 700 today in pl chests. 

Sitting on 167k crystals and 300k treats but nothing to spend on but I think I will just wait 

They are just waiting for YOU to buy it. Once you did, they will press the big red “NERF” button in their office. 

*Flare pushing the nerf button*