Nemesis Pal Improvement

Well Nemesis pal has everything good.

But its special ability isn’t much effective or different.

I would suggest that for such big amount of pro crystals, we must atleast get way better pro pal than others.

Its general attack is good but Its  Special Ability  should be  Bladestorm  along with some  Fear

That is Like…

Special Ability:  _ Bladestorm __   _+  Fear  ( 30 - 60 % )

Ability Range: 5.70 6.00

Duration: 4s 6s

Pro Crystals  (_Decrement) _ 100,000  maybe.

I think this would really make Heroes to buy Nemesis pro pal worth for that much pro crystals.

I would like to know what developers thinks of it.

Comment below what you think of this & what else better could be done for its improvement.