Nemesis Rework


One thing I think nearly all players in the game would agree about Nemesis: his special ability is horrible! It’s not effective, nor unique and

certainly does not worth 150.000 Pro Crystals. 

Current Nemesis works just like a Necromancer, and it feels just as bad as one when we try to use them on offense.

You can buff his ability and add more attack power like you’ve been doing, but that’s not enough, because in the end we choose our Pals by their special abilities, and that’s why Nemesis became a joke.
A buffed bad ability is still a bad ability, and a Pal with a bad ability is a bad Pal (R.I.P. Growl).

You wanna add a Pro Dragon Pal that costs 6x to 10x more than the other Pro Pals?
Then let’s make a Pro Dragon Pal that is worth 6x to 10x more than the others



Nemesis rework:N.jpg

New ability:  Summons 1 dash of a random dragon
Upgrades:  Leveling up reduces the cooldown of the ability (like Aska)

Celestial Nemesis rework:

New ability:  Summons 1 dash of a random dragon + casts the spell equivalent to the dragon summoned

Fire dragon + Firestorm
Ice Dragon + Blizzard
Stone Dragon + Stun (or maybe Swordrain, since Stun on stunned stuff would be very ineffective)

Another idea for the pal could be:

New ability:  Randomly casts Firestorm, Blizzard or Stun spell and has a XX% chance to summon the dragon equivalent to that spell.
Upgrades: Increase the % chance to summon dragons

But I like my first suggestion better  :wink:

Aska already does that first part

Does your Aska cast spells?   

There’s a big difference between a random damage on melee primary attacks and a random spell on special abilities

She casts stun at least.

The rest seems to be random damage attacks (fire, poison…)

Does your Askal cast Stun? Mine must be broken then, I never saw it happening

It surely does, but not as often as I would like 

Just do some raids with her and you’ll notice.

Yup, just tried on an empty base. Too many things happening at once on normal raids, so it was probably being confused with Ogre’s stun.
And I never did many raids with Aska anyways ?

But that’s not what I meant,
I don’t want it to have a stun attack, like Aska or Ogres,
I want it to have a % chance of casting the Stun spell, it’s a lot more powerfull on range and duration 

I am moving this to “implemented” now. Yes, it’s not exactly as this idea, but it was overhauled, so I count that. Hope Darkerion- you forgive me^^.