Nemesis the most expensive pal

Hello, i guess i’m not the only one that consider nemesis  an over priced PAL for that amount you can buy 7 phoebe or u can buy all the pals and some gears from the shop  i’m not judging the price but for that price at least we want some OP pal  that have good abilities worth  spending 150k crystal about 6 months of collecting i know few players have it but do they use it ? no one use it , i’s suggest buffing him give him a good ability when it transform into the beast mode this is my point of view and i know the owners of nemesis will agree thanks 

A new ability, that’s what Nemesis needs, a rework

And I still like my idea for this: a pal with the ability to summon dragons
Even if it’s only 1 dash of the dragon,
even if it doesn’t have the full power of 1 dash,
even if it’s just a % chance to summon the dragon…

it would still worth 150k crystals for being such a unique ability.

But a Necromancer pal?
I don’t need Skeletons on my attacks. They only give the illusion of having a powerful army, but that huge army disappears after 1 hit from anything

price change - no

rework - yes

dragon - yes spawned each special every 30 seconds for level 1 , gradually decreasing by 2 seconds for each level

dash - depends on level of pal, 1-5 = 1, 6-8 = 2, 9-10 = 3

% chance - no

skeletons - yes

***** bouncing back of the pack giant beastmode - NO. stays pal size entire time. unless pal flute used, than its your own miserable fault for it




i mean that what should be nemesis like he should be badass for that price , ithink flare should take into consideration your ideas