Nemesis with flute

So nemesis power is to turn into beast but what does the beast from flute do?

Does it just remain in beast even longer when it uses special ability while being turned into a beast from flute spell? Kinda confusing 

just tested urself and u’ll get an answer 

hmm 150k Crystals not that easy just to test myself haha

Hey @Macamus, I looked at FTB’s videos for you and found that in his last video, the Nemesis beast’s special ability is both Lightning and Swordrain. Deals a ton of damage, as it killed FTB almost immediately! Hope this helps you out

Thanks, appreciate it :slight_smile:

The nemesis beast in pro league seemed to suddenly spawn units as well I think. Seemed when I was fighting it suddenly skeletons and necros arrived out of nowhere around it

only skeletons