Nemesis youtube video

Dear FTB or  oPelle, 


Please make youtube video for nemesis for their pals skill analysis and their beast analysis :slight_smile:


Best Regards

gimme the crystals and i’ll do it

lol really delta? c’mon you really think in just few days Opelle or anyone can get them so easily. Wait 6 or 7 month the time people get the crystal lol

Actually, if there’s one person who can right now…

It’s FTB. He’s on the DEV team after all ?

Edit: I think FTB is already working on a video right now, but probably he is editing it like a Michael Bay movie, just so ppl are like “OMFG, NEMESIS IS FREAKING OPEEEY, I WANT IT SO BADLYYY!!!”

Hi, here!

The video quality is a bit bad, but the question is…

150 Freaking Thousand pro-crystals… HOW?

This pal not worth it.

Don’t buy it.

Wait for other pals to come.

Close this topic,

No no, please don’t close it.

I am curious about how he gets so many crystals…

He will, 

And i believe most of the players already have that amount of Crystals 

But they are not going to buy it.

maybe he is a second player, because he is under level 82…

second player, like… a multibox account?

smells fishy

I buy it never ewer!

To to to expensive!

Please dont buy it, flare shuld shame!!

150 k kristal for what? ??


Can you reencode this video and reupload it later? at 360p the quality is very bad. Last time I have see a video in 360p was in 2000. I have stop watching after 5 seconds. I don’t like music video. to make more pleasant for the others who watch it you should do it at least at 720p minimum. Mobile have a record button ingame. You can also use Handbrake to improve your video quality. 

Edit : Nevermind I just read in the other topic its not your video.

You upload a video, from which seems to be your account…

But you say that you never bought it.

Man, you’re not making any sense

i am the only one who have problem to follow him? very confusing ?


Sherluk holmz haha

When i have 150k kristals , i buy poebe and donate it in my alliance!!

You can belive it or not thats not important ???

If you say so…

I won’t argue any longer as I wouldn’t be able to keep understanding you lol

Salam mohsen jan,mamnun az video. Fkr konam Range 2rost konan,k hatman dar ayande in karo mikonan,mese kheyli az taqirati k dade mishe “mesl Irmgard,Eris,…”,pro pal khobi mishe. Be nazar mirese zamaniyam skelet misaze k toye halet beast hastesh,toye sathe max lvl 10, ham 6 skull boomb attack mide,hamintor zaman mondegarye beast ham ba lvl afzayesh peyda mikone,darkol fkr konam khob bashe,bayad did chetori hast. 

Getting that many crystals is no problem, especially when you have played every PL, score decently and never or rarely buy stuff with crystals. It’s all about saving crystals

…and then wasting them. Ceres or Aska is still 10x better than Nemesis. Flare literally made this as a collectors item. It’s almost like toys. Take Lego, for instance, you see all these themed kids’ sets for at most $150-$200, then, BANG, out of nowhere you get the $500-$1000 set that doesn’t even look like it’s worth it. That’s the definition of a collector’s set. Nemesis is just like this, the only difference? The price is fair, because of the amount of work it took for Lego to make the set