Nemesis: zombify effect bug / dragon skin

I’ve been noticing a few random enemy zombie units appearing while raiding with Nemesis!

Then I did some tests and it seems like the zombify effect is not working correctly, it should turn enemies into zombies that will fight for you, but sometimes it’s just turning enemies into zombie enemies.

Also, a little less important: Nemesis Dragon is not matching the pal skin, at least not with the white one. It’s just a visual thing but it doesn’t seem right.

sometimes I was surprised where the enemy zombies came from… thanks for finding the mistake Darkerion

Hi Darkerion,

thank you for posting the video. We have added the zombify issue to our database.

Regarding the dragon skin: You are right, the summoned dragon does not adapt to Nemesis’ skin. It was actually implemented like that by design, since Nemesis summons another dragon and not a copy of itself. ?