nemesis is the newest pal to the game it is a pro pal that coast 6x janus or ceres 150K crystal , some will say it is not the most expensive pal in the  game , aska or nidhogg are but for nemesis you need more effort time and resources to get it is like a collector thing , few own it but no one use it you may ask why they spent 150k crystal for a pal and not use it , the answer is easy it is useless in raids his special abilities will give 0% advantage in raids like for that price and for the time we spent to get it and the amount of gems for tickets it should atleast have a very rare special ability ‘flute’ is cool and all  but if it only had a great beast ability , it is owned by few as i said so they deserve to get smthg great for that price time effort put in to get some players like @Darkerion gave some good ideas for this pal 

for that price even eris is more useful than nemesis thanks :slight_smile: