nerf items

the nerf of new items has given old players an advantage, often faced defenders who can not even scratch them with delusions. This creates a major imbalance in favor of old players.
Those who have not suffered this nerf are in an extreme advantage situation and we find these players on our map. For me it is an exaggerated injustice

giphy.gif_      Can`t touch this _


@Gammal  you do not agree that if you have to nerf the items, they must be nerfed for everyone?

_ No, what ever I discovered will remain mine, for as long as I remember you complain about this, can you pls rank up and be one of us and stop complaining ? _

this is asking for justice !! you always say that you like the challenges, now I understand, you like unbalanced challenges in your favor

Those cursed items that people forged up right after forging came out are an issue, and they do cause an imbalance in the game. They will be less of a problem as people level up more, because the values are fixed. But I know I have a couple of those that I really lean on, and they are powerful.


I guess I don’t really disagree with you, vasudeva. I’d hate to lose mine, but I also get frustrated when I fight an impossible defender and I know he has broken cursed gear. But taking them away is tricky.

it is very incorrect to lose over 1000 of ambrosia in an attack because you face a defender who has old items without nerf and kills you hero after 3 seconds-
@CaptainMorgan  must we keep this situation of penalties or can we have a real balance? the players who had lvl 115 retained an unreachable advantage, who like me (for example) who was lvl 107 and therefore only 8 lvl below is now having items with a difference of 20 lvl

please do something

I think you’re confused. The old items that max level players farmed before the level cap was raised are complete junk now unless you’ve stayed at level 115. 


The cursed items that people forged to high levels before the bug was discovered are pretty overpowered in some cases though. ALL players were able to forge those, though, even you, so you can swallow your hatred for high level players for a minute. 


But eventually those cursed items will will all stop being useful, and it is *completely* possible to make near indestructible gate defenders using standard items. I know because I’ve done it. 

but what hate? Who cares for high-level players !! I think I’m doing my game, my opponents on my map
in reference to the objects there are players who have improved cursed objects while I and others are in this situation.
This means that some of the previous defenders have a very high imbalance 
Since items cost them money and my money is the same as that of other players, I ask them to either weaken all or restore all the objects. It’s called justice, not hate it. My intervention was about cursed items and if you did not understand it, it’s your problem, so you want to continue the corroding dialogue I’ll be happy with.
For me the goal is to discuss to  find a fair solution, if it is the same for you then it’s okay, if instead your goal is to argue with me then say so I avoid answering


for completeness, if I with lvl 116 attack a lvl 118 player use 3 times the piroforo at lvl 19 with 28,000 damage and this defender does not undergo any damage it is obvious that he is using the old cursed objects that create an imbalance

You have one too, I see!

What he is saying is that lvl 115 players kept their items after they were “nerfed”, cause they are high enough. Him being lvl 108, he has to use something else, cause now his items are actually crap comparing to the one owned by you and other tops. Thus the point of this thread, and correct me if I am wrong vas, is to say that higher players shouldn’t have their cursed items either, for they only have them cause they happened to be of a high enough level to roll the stats that would bug well enough to be worth using.

Now, there is certainly logic behind abolishing all bugged items and it is typically the response in such cases (Alongside banhummer for bug users, that is). With random item stat generation though, this is a complicated task, meaning this will not probably happen. And what I certainly disagree with is the “higher” player thing. Yes it is hard, yes it is unfair, but life is NEVER fair in such cases. There are players like that I have encountered too, players that surely liked the +50 gems (I suppose) I gave them as the result, but this is just the way games are. Evolve, master new content, retaliate, giggle.  

Given this simple idea, how about asking for more levels instead? This way you can rise up faster then those filthy bug users (no offense lads, literally speaking) and show them who is the boss. It will also invalidate their items just like it happened to you, making it fair (and feasible, It is way easier to raise the lvl cap by 2-3 Temple levels).

The bug with cursed items had nothing to do with ascension level, the items would nearly double in power when they were upgraded from one rank to another. 

So someone who was lucky enough to get good low rank cursed items in those first few weeks could create gear that would be good for 10 levels or so. Some of my bugged cursed stuff is already too weak to use. I have new cursed items that I have forged up that are now almost identical to bugged cursed items, depending on the perk.


Edit: and that armour that he has is extremely good if you like that perk. That’s as much damage bonus as I can get on cursed gear at level 126. He certainly hasn’t outgrown it, if he likes the perk it offers. 

Well, I tried to make sense of what he said, but clearly failed, then. In which case, ignore the first paragraph, the later two would still work, imo, with slight amends of level being unimportant :).

the level is important, because who was at level 15 had already “good” objects that can preserve and balance their inflation with the power given by the cursed object.
Think of the players who had at the lvl 15 before the nerf objects with the reflected damage and that after various forges they had a damage of 30000 or 40000 or more
In this way the imbalance is enormous and that’s why I ask for an operation of justice for ALL players

If you call it hate to players that frankly I do not care, ok, I respect your point of view but you’re completely out of the way

Oh, so I WAS right in my assumptions :slight_smile:

All that stuff is still only good for about 10 levels. Remember that your hero skills go down as you level up, so you require better and better gear to keep your % the same. So even that bugged cursed gear, that had almost twice as much power in certain perks as they should have, still stops being useful after you level up enough. 

get along with yourself, you saw an object with the lvl 108 bug and you said it has a better bonus than your lvl 126 objects, after I told you that some players kept the cursed items when they were at most lvl 115 and today have a huge advantage you say that objects are now useless denying what you said before

I said before and I repeat that players who were lvl 113-115 and have forged these items before the nerf today retain a huge advantage

I repeat the question: are you here to discuss a problem of inequality between players and that must be fixed or are you here to argue with me?

That is only true for some items. I posted one ring before the bug was known with reflection and demolation. This item is rly good, because both perks are cursed. And this item is now on my lvl 121 still the best I have. On my old lvl I had demolation with athena and Jason on over 50% with another cursed item. Now they have on my new lvl 37% and 38% demolation snd it‘s still crazy.

With the cursed items, there were much op combination able. Someone with lvl 125 at this time, had the chance, to forge items, that will be the best items in the game until the lvl cap will be rised. 

I‘m ok with that items. I have some of them, i also use them. And sure, some player have a big provit from them, but normaly I can beat all my opponents on my map. Sometimes, without the defender, but I‘m ok with that. 

The lvl cap will be rised later for sure and the game will ballance itself. I‘m sorry for the player, that missed that cursed forging thing. But I don‘t see any real problems for the game here.

Ok, so you might get 15 levels out of that item if you like it and want to use it, and ONLY the damage perk is comparable with titan level damage from a level 126 cursed item.  The health rating is much lower. At level 126 you can easily get over 100,000 health from a well forged normal item. So if you kept that armor until level 126 you would have to choose between a high cursed damage bonus (good!) and a very low health rating (bad!). The item would have stopped being effective many level prior.