All nerf in the game now and you say you tested it and its all possible with any different combos…but not everyone is a awesome raider like flotaboss .units , defense , spells need to be review and counter balance . Its almost impossible to raid now …really thinking about leaving this game . 



lvl 130 

Roaring Lions 

what kind of answer are you expecting? They said they wanted to make game more demanding, skill based not just pushing buttons and kill everything around. But there is a lie- you can’t beat every base with any kind of spells or units combination and those which were good now are significantly weaker- like a werewolf now, its hard to notice that howl is boosting units.

The sad truh is that best defenses leads to spend more gems to players, mostly in war season, and this is the only sad explanation for the mess FG is making with this ex-beautifull game. I fear FG will repent very soon. They want to make money and i understand this, it’s normal. But do it this way will take this game to death. YOU ARE RUINING THIS GAME, THINK ON IT FLARE, after 3 years i’m seriously thinking to leave : (

? thanks bravo

Totally agree. 

The game is now interesting for players, which like to beat the unbeatable base. There are some in this game. 

But Flare forgot the majority of their customers. Most players only want to some raids a day to have a little bit fun. They are not interested in being the most skillful player. They got a heavy punch in their face!

When I started playing RR2 about three years ago there were two leading players:

  • oPelle, who has created his RR2 wiki. He left the game.

  • Flothaboss, who gave us his videos. He also left the game and: he destroyed it!

I remember the times, when some players complained about the effectiveness of Bladestorm (for me personally it always was a strong spell) so he dicided to buff the Bladestorm. Also Paladins were heavily buffed.beverything in attack has been buffed. We only needed one player complaining: there you are.

And now? Some players complained about the weakness of defence (that was really true! Btw). Now they buffed defence and nerfed offence. Raiding now is really hard, especially cause of the nerf of offence Raging Wolf!

What did they forget? 90 % of their customers.

What will be next? Buff of offence. New levels … Boring, bit it will help.

But this time I see many players leaving the game. It will be too late!

True, me also reached lvl 130 and since the last update my Motivation is still minus 10.

… its no fun to raid a Bit in the evening hours after work.

i dont want a chess game and think 10 Minutes how to beat a base and i dont want to spent everytime a few scrolls.

now with war boosts the fb Tower kills a whole army with ease, ? 

fcsp ingame

now, i know there wouldn’t be any complaints if we could win this weapon in the Nerfpocalypse! ? 

I have left already… I have spent thousand of dollars in this game and just realized two days back that they all gone in vein… no use. Better I would have donated them to some needy ones who actually deserves them more than Flare…

Whats the point if the game too easy??? 

If its paper defence??? 

Forge your troops

Learn to play with different units /spell/pal

And enjoy the game


Attack weaker bases, so you dont have to scroll- scrolls are optional not “must use”.

You are aware that you are posting in the Royal Revolt 2 Forum? Cause you can’t be talking about THAT game …

I talked to many players in other alliances and I haven’t found A SINGLE PLAYER who loves this update. Using the words they used when they talked to me would bring me for sure a warning according to the new rules, and they said that the members of their alliances feel the same way. So you might want to recheck your peer review group …

And none of them is active in the forum.

lets make it easy, all that think its too hard to raid scroll free, tell me whats your ing names and i will show you that it can be scroll free


Raid the rank 1 and post here the VIDEO (you can upload on youtube and link it here) So no one can speak after ; )  


But i make it even easier than you. YOU’RE A LIAR. I don’t talk about your need to scroll in raids. I just don’t know it. But i know NO ONE, EVEN OUTSIDE THE FORUM, LIKE RR2 4.0. Maybe you like it, good for you but u can speak only for yourself. Where all this happy people are? Show us or shut up.

I can proof people are VERY ANGRY, u just need to read the forum. Where all this exited people hide? Show them to us too or speak only for youself.

Sorry, i posted this for mistake.

Boy you need to have a little more patience.

you have nothing, many guys love this update( even here, on forumb

lets say: lacuna C, cutcher its guys from the forum.

its easy to speak by all, but we should speak only by ourselfs

I can sent you a llt of video how to beat top1 scroll free. Do you want? Will you make excuse for Spartecus? Its easy to name someone the Lier, but hard to make excuse.

Looks like it’s hard for you to understand what you read.

Try to understand if u can, cr1. u can’t use your cc for this.

Very strange 

you said: he is lier

you said NONE like 4.0

but i showed you 2 persons.

seems lier is you((( upset

XD XD XD you got me XD XD XD