people i really think that is no need for pop up notification in message al the time when some player log in or log out ?? It’s really annoying and Nerf !!

your title is not clear and can do some confusion. during 2 seconds i was sure there is a message notification ingame about announcing some nerf. Ouf!!! don’t scare me like this.

Many have suggest to give us a option to turn off the log in and log out of each members. Not a problem like my alliance with 1 member online at a time but I can understand for alliance full active with 30,40 members can cause a problem.

with 4.0 I see that each time someone log in. We see a little (1),(2),etc… in Alliance Message. So I hope Flare will remove this

If someone say something ok for number (1) (2),etc… but not just for a log

yes notification pop up on every single log in and log out off player that is insane and realt no need for that notification i hope also they remove that 

They can remove this by just a little server update. Should be not hard to do

I  don’t like this feature. When you enter in the game you have a 1 in green and you check and…of course nothing. Leave the game and later enter the game and see 1 in green check and…of course again nothing.Please fix this.Thanks

Here a screenshot that show the problem :


same think hapend to me