Nerf of items along with the update.

All power items were nerfed. Why and why do not they notify you along with the change notice? I always take prints of my forges and luckily I noticed what happened. It was a great loss in the strength of items, even getting weaker than it was before the last forge. I’ll put one here as an example, Athena’s wings. Print of other items I have saved in my backups and I will be adding here if necessary. What interests me to know about this is if they will return the items to what they were before. Nothing that was introduced in the new version should interfere with the item numbers we already have. I expect a response that is consistent with the case!

Obs: I believe there may be items from other categories that have also suffered this “interference”. If I confirm, I’ll be notifying.

this was discussed in the feedback thread. e.g. 

the items did not become weaker, because of the raise of the perks (of course weaker in terms of values). and non uniques get a huge step onto for the next step of forge. sadly not the uniques, and it is also said that new uniques will be more powerful than old ones (until you refine them).

i would also prefer more detailed informations of what was changed, but luckily there are some guys in this forum who notice and share a lot of informations.

edit: remark to your observation: every items with perks that have been buffed (health regen, petrify, potency, movement speed, health(as perk)) do “suffer” from this, except frostbite - did not observe a reduction of values here (also not on uniques), so frostbite got a “real buff”  (thats what i observed)