Nerf Paladin's



You gotta fix this one and fast.  This raiding style has gone viral and it’s just way too easy.  Doom Gate goes down in less than 3s and I can finish a lot of bases with 50 seconds left.  This is just a sample video, showing dracomancer and then how quickly the rest of the base falls.  If you want just Paladin and wolf, I can record that for you too.


Please fix this ASAP.



I have been waiting for this post all day :slight_smile:

Paladin party will be over soon!!!

enjoy while it last!!!

I don’t have Dragomancer so I would like to see Paladin and Wolf only. :wink:

Lol, it was fun while it lasted hehe. Had some amazing fun yesterday, taking down every high level top 10 base with tens of seconds to spare, as a player around the 5k trophy range. But it doesn’t require any kind of skill, it’s just brutal force you’re raiding with. Please keep them usefull, but remove the definitly overpowered part :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll do just a speed raid, give me a few.

Here’s Straw-Hat (new owner I guess) dominated with some dragon love.


Speed raid up next.

Haven’t tried them yet, but definitely don’t Nerf them too much, if at all. Too overpowered is bad of course, but they’ve been underpowered for ages and disdained by high alliances. We need balance, not uber units, but also not obsolete units. I applaud the attempt to make them relevant again, even if some tweaking is necessary.

Anh max - 42s left.

They need something Zillah, I can clear any base with ease right now.  It leaves no chance to raiding at all.

Yup, I was 3 x raided scroll free by a VL member who normally has the raiding skills of a damp lettuce … I attacked him with my standard combo in reply, mid 90% success rushed to get done with 8 secs left, used paladin on second attack to check the difference, 38 secs left, gate fell so fast I missed the last tower at the gate … and mine aren’t maxed!!!

Wonder why they gave paladin +1 level, old max level is enough to crash every base

I clear skint base 29seconds, very easy like walk in park.I think no way to nerf paladin, so better put something in defensive to fight them.

is because they stupid dont know they game own balancing

We tried out a lot of possibilities for the past 36h, but nothing stops the allmighty paladin.


Next war when the grago towers lvl 10 will get there boost all base will get hard again, so please stop cry now its too easy…

Not us but flaregames need to make something for defence to be good again

Holy paladin is heal they own and have wolf boost plus shield.Is no way they die to gargoyle, skull and doom gate also do nothing for paladin.I spam 10 and at start and all dont die until win

We will have to wait and see next week when the gargo towers will get there boost, trust me flare not stupid, the buf the paladin because gargo gone kick some ass sure

Can’t agree David. Even if that’s true it’s not enough to have one Garg tower to stop Paladins. Garg towers won’t be availabile for everyone, whereas Paladins are. Paladins are totally OP especially with wolves.


I stopped raiding since it’s not fun to beat every base without any problems. I can spam only wolves + paladins and I’m winning with ease every base, didn’t even need time to practice this combo.