Nerf Paladin's

And just imagine the next war. Everyone beating scroll free every base using paladins+wolves, you can’t do anything to your defense to stop them. Plus, Flare not fixing skulls in chests. Without any siginifact changes, I’m sure more players will leave the game.

Game is a joke for now !!!


I hope we get some bug fixes and good defence improvements  :slight_smile:



Sorry Rambo Garg tower isn’t going to do much to paladins imo, also you only get it IF you win it … Not so many will get it, but all can have Paladins switched on 24/7 if they can afford it. With the loss of mummy as a perpetual paid for boost in defence and attack we will shortly see alliances get crushed if they fail to place in a war season whereas alliances that place will walk through any base and have some chance of defending their gains.


Ohh and flare are often stupid (no offence FG) … we’ve seen that in the past.  

Exactly, rading have been easy even without those Holy Paladins, now it’s a huge joke. Defense really need some major changes.

and I don’t know about you guys but I don’t see the point in upgrading Paladins, the old max level already allows me to crush every base.

We briefly considered keeping this a secret, but decided to have our fun with it since everyone would know soon anyway. Was fun while it lasted :slight_smile:

Yeah Horkos,  I saw it in the wild when an SK member brought the combo to my attention.  I thought it might help healing the pyro’s and then saw what it did to bombers and then gate and was like uhhhhhhhhh.  We played with it for half a day before I decided to blow the whistle, it had gone viral by that point anyhow.

chill guys, from experience (like the OP knights case) this will get a quick fix because if its true that heavy scroller now use no scroll like drum said, then FG wont allow it to last long lmao they want their money 

Four things before the nerf:


  1. The answer may come with frost dragons and elite frosters. If they kill the wolves, the paladins are sitting ducks. Based on the dracomancers, though, it’s probably not enough to rely on that, because it takes forever to make a dragon. 


  1. I’ve encountered a couple of bases that bring me to the wire. Although people have said that they’ve tried everything in defense, that’s likely not possible in one day, though I do admit that often having 40 seconds remaining will likely not be solved by defensive changes alone. 


  1. If they nerf the paladin, those alliances without elite wolf will have a really weak elite paladin.


  1. Most likely we need a unit that can easily counter the paladin. It could be as easy as a mummy that poisons paladins devastatingly (overrides their heal plus produces incredible amount of damage to paladin only). Same could be said for snake tower and mortar.


Yes, many of these points can be argued to death. Be constructive! I understand the frustration, though! The game is more boring now at the top because it’s so easy, but we shouldn’t crush something lower level players find very useful.


Biggest thing is to not just ask for a nerf, but ask Flare to make the game more strategic! We need more gameplay variety, and the otherwise obsolete paladins help to get us there! :slight_smile:

Ok, try my base week from now with 9 boosted grago towers lvl 10 and max boosted dragon frosters…

Maybe David, and I wish you to have a super strong base killing paladin-wolf combo but firstly you need to win those boosts and  if you win them, you need to maintain them

Agreed my friend, will do my best next war

In fact, here at our top secret HUNSlab, the research wing of HUNS, we’ve managed to put together a defense that might be able to stop the wolf/paladin madness. We’ve encountered some bases that stop the paladin attack right in its tracks, and from that data are synthesizing a defensive plan that would make even Horkos squirm and squeal just a little. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sorry Blookie Bloo, you are wrong.  Send me to any base and I will trash it with this combo first try and with at least 30s left.  The worst I have done is lost a wolf and had a call a couple more after the U turn.  There simply is no other option but to nerf the Paladin.  If the difference between raiding with 1 troop is 40+ seconds, the answer to the problem lies right there.

The common theme at RL for a lot of our members was “I’ve never been able to raid so and so’s base before, now i’m finishing with 15s or more.”  This pretty much every top base out there.  Still think nothing’s wrong?

The challenge now is not whom to beat, but how much gold gear you can wear on top10 bases before it is even getting interesting to crush them… no currently available defense stops howled paladins. Sure, some may do better than others, but if the attacker just has 20 seconds left instead of 30, that doesn’t help. 

PLUS, most people did not even bother upgrading their paladin to the new max lvl now, which gives them +20% health and damage, so… 


But I agree with those saying “don’t just nerf them back to complete eternal uselessness” and “come on, finally try to make more than 1 or 2 combos useful”. 


I think there is a way to get more attack combos, and I think paladin/wolf has its weakness. What I’ve seen is that elite paladin/wolf are strong–very strong–against mummy and not for reasons people would directly think. Take them out of the equation and see what happens.


There are bases that are very strong against this combo. Now, skint is already level 105, so he should be able to take down most bases no matter what’s thrown at him. But I can see how that can make the game very boring for him. But the 99.999% of players, say rank 200 and below, will find some designs very hard. They’re very clever, and I LOVE that. Wolf-paladin are bringing us a whole slew of new bases. I love seeing trickery that makes you scratch your head. A real challenge. Yummy. Yummy yummy. :slight_smile:


Whatever it is, please no more mummy/wolf/archer combo that everyone else uses all the time! I understand it’s strong, but this game is a giant puzzle and it demands cleverness and trickery. Bring it to us, Flare! Stop the nerfing, bring the strategy!

hmmm Wolf + Knight is another viral raid style, do you want a nerf for Knights too? 


They finally gave us a different good combo to use, why nerf it??  :huh:

Hi all,


Enjoyed your videos Skint. This was pure fun and entertainment. Big Like. :slight_smile:


Flares are well-known for introducing a new feature, which turns up to be a bad mistake and breaks the delicate balance of this game.

Instead of just cancelling it, they stubbornly go further with an endless line of patches, that are supposed to bring back the balance. These patches make the situation even worse, in some unpredictable directions. Good example is the seasons matching method, then the loser skull bonus, followed by the skulls in chests fiasco.


There is a wise old saying: “From the moment the guns appeared, the Heroes have gone and disappeared”


It will sound a bit strange, but to my opinion, the main problem of this game are the powerups and boosts. Yes, one should take a moment to think about it, then this becomes crystal-clear.

Strategy was the name of the game here. As soon as the boosts were introduced, the strategy was replaced by cash. Pay more, spend more, buy boosts and you will win.

Once, to get to the first 1,000 you had to be very experienced raider, you had to be good at strategy, you had to plan a wisely built base. After the boosts came, all you have to do, is to buy enough gems, upgrade towers fast, upgrade your allytower to max, join a top alliance which is capable of sustaining all the possible boosts 24/7. And Voila! You are a top player. Nobody, unless heavily boosted can beat you, Even the best experienced players need to use scrolls… On the other hand, you can easily beat all the non boosted players.

Just think of a top player being out of his alliance for a short while. We all know what happens to him. Without the boosts he becomes a sitting duck target. Even 10 levels lower players (boosted) kill his base with ease.

The same case is here. If Wolf and paladin boosts did not exist, the situation you describe would never be possible and the game would be fair for all.





The challenge now is how to stop this combo…not asking flare to nerf the paladin.