Nerf Scylla Invocation

Seems this invocation is a little to powerful and aoe is huge

literally can take out half a base if towers are close together

i would suggest reducing area of effect / damage or increasing cool down time

another idea would be limit invocations to one time per battle, that way people aren’t just spamming these and it relys more on troops/gear/strategy

I agree Scylla invocation way to powerful or towers aren’t tough enough. Scylla say it does just short of 5k physical damage yet lays waste to my orthia towers of 12k life…?

What level is you guys’ Scylla? I have used my max level (for my ascension), and it never destroys towers. I have always felt like I have been just giving the defending base free gems.

On a side note, does anyone use Damocles?

We are talking about Scylla invocation - the one that costs gems to use

I know.

Ive used the invocation version on my base to test it, but many towers remain. It helps, but didn’t really devastate my base.


I could never get the map-ruining destruction from my gem version as people talk about on this forum.

Scylla is only good ,when used spending gems,all the skills are 400% or even stronger using gems,thats the point. Look at the medusas skill,freezes and kill instantly, odysseus poison skill also kills in 2 sec  if you use gems,but simple skills sucks,especially Scylla-imo worst skill,thats why I dont use Hercules. 

Not all of us have the gems to use those skills. So why nerf skills if you cant afford it?? Myb go to phone shop and tell manager to remove new Iphone 6 from store ,because you cant afford it ? :D:D That would be the same thing :wink:

I agree. Scylla invocation is way too powerful compared to the potential of others. It’s AoE range should definitely be nerfed, especially now, when it’s more worth it to have more towers close next to each other. Also it’s dmg shouldn’t completely one-shot towers with lower base hp.

Agree on all the points above. It’s a “game breaker” - I appreciate invocations should be powerful, however levelling the majority of base defence in one click is definitely over the top.


We are already looking to improve the balance of all Invocations. As many of you already pointed out the Scylla Invocation is a bit too powerful right now. We are also looking at making other Invocations more attractive to use as some of them are still rather unpopular. Keep a lookout for upcoming changes by checking the official announcements section of the forums!

Gems cost money, invocations cost gems. You are essentially paying to win that battle. They are going to OP, that kind of the point isnt it? Can’t beat this guys base? Well Scilia is here to help. BOOOOM down go those towers they ever so silly like placed all close together and now your troops run on through. 

If the invocations weren’t OP people wouldn’t them, if people didn’t use them then the game loses out on money. This is how I view it anyway. 

Yeah but I think even if weakened slightly and then strengthened the less useful ones at the moment they will still prove helpful and will be used. I think maybe invocations strength should correlate with players as well. Yet another way to balance the lower players ability of squashing someone they shouldn’t. That being said someone significantly higher shouldn’t be on a players islands to squash in the first place lol.

My own personal opinion - while invocations give (and should give) an advantage, I don’t think it’s appropriate balance to have them be a “I Win” button as Scylla is at higher levels. 

Looking forward to the updates, Chris.