I have been testing myself against Generals in my alliance and yesterday all the bases suddenly got easier and rather than dying at the first corner I got three stars so I raided some bases I normally attack and they were also easier. I asked a friend to test my base and he got three stars easily for the first time.

Has there been a massive nerf ??

That might be the magic of zombies I’d say :slight_smile:

I did consider the zombies but we had the ninja before

Zombies are way stronger than ninja. Ninjas can convert units, zombies does.

Yes, zombies make a difference, way more powerful than ninjas. If it happened yesterday I can see them as a reason. If it’s not zombies then no idea, don’t think there could be a “massive nerf”

Everything was nerfed for the upgrade… my towers i just paid to boost range on now no longer hit target… The upgrade was basically a downgrade so you can rephrase? 

Also the Zombies can make the Beast disappear if it gets killed by it. Let’s say Savage Tammy kills your last zombie, pop, out comes the green slime and bye bye Tammy

Just to confirm, nothing has been nerfed.

You can see balancing changes that are made in the game in this topic as well: