Nerfing Artemis!!

WTF Flare - you did it again - why did you sneakily nerf Artemis Spells @CaptainMorgan ??

Just one example Piercing Venom L6 used to be worth over 100,000 - now its just over 50,000 - a 50% reduction!!

Why do you do this?? Repeatedly - it violates trust AGAIN! Didn’t you learn anything from the Athena debacle?

There is nobody to answer questions until they hire a new community manager.  Maybe in September or October. 

There also a new bug from 4.0. CDR not work with charging.

Hi guys :),

We are sorry for the confusion the general patch notes may have caused. But I have some good news. Artemis is exactly as strong as before, the developers told me they haven’t nerfed Artemis at all -  only the numbers that were displayed were corrected. These numbers, however, were already the same stats she had in the game before. The numbers were just displayed wrong in the game and this has been addressed now.

I hope this clarifies the confusion and you can rest assured that Artemis is still the powerful goddess that she is :grinning:

I am here now ?:heart: :slight_smile:

Hi dear donoo :slight_smile: ,

would you please be so kind to report the bug in the bug forums

That would be highly appreciated and we can put it on the to do list much faster that way :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Have a great day!


This sounds extremely fishy, but I’m kind of inclined to believe it. I haven’t noticed any change at all. 

When were the displayed values changed?

Please @MarcusozInception don’t give such funny ideas to developers.

With forge nerf ,I doubt they may nerf her too.???

(P.S. If they ever change any hero again,I will be very disappointed by it. They have already made defense strong by nerfing forging and giving everyone war blessings free.)

@HOLYDIVINE they only nerfed forging for the new up coming players like us! 

You’ve been playing for a year almost! You lost your newbie badge. 

yeah I’m not really a noob, after nearly 10 months,  but definitely not ‘old timer’ but probably closer to the former in terms of upgrades needed to everything!