nerfing items ? rly ?

Hi Madlen, see what I meant with items on steroids ? 


But it is honest unlike those who have always denied having overpowered items

I don’t have anything like that. I also don’t want to take it away from anyone else.

@dumpsteru should know it better even if they remove items like this with this new  system we can get almost same result just a little harder

Absolutely. The new forge numbers are great.

lev 138/140 + or - 

at 131 they’re great. I don’t know about any other levels. Forging is really strong right now.

It stunk over the summer, I was right there with everyone else complaining about it.  It’s really good right now.

You can make stuff that’s as good or better than anything you could make in the old forge system without going completely insane. And it’s easy and everyone can do it.

And for anyone complaining that it costs too many resources, you have  no idea  how many resources (and hours) it took to make gear like pouria showed. It’s cheap now.

@Madlen Will “discovered” a new “bug” When friends players will have reached the highest level and forged all objects before others thanks to the gems received in the Titan League totally distorted by doped players? 

Who’s Will?


EDIT: But yes, @vasudeva1, you better hurry up because once we’ve forged everything, there’s nothing left for you to forge. That’s exactly how it works. Hurry!

Traslator sorry, if you want i can write in italian or in french (frenchis accepted by UN) 

sure that at 131 they are fantastic - but to get them, with the new system, you have to wait for other levels.

No is just 15 lvl… is only 1 year… 1 year whit titan league is guaranteed whit all blessings and 40000 gems more or less 

this is my best at level 130  

I can not judge that spends gems, it’s his right, it’s not fair to delude that at the level 131 you can have certain objects forging normal

You can get much higher than that with a brand new item forged with all 4 and 5* items. And I’m not talking about just a little bit higher. It’s gotten much better with the last update.

Higher yes but nowhere up to 150k power regen as before (at 131 ofc)

I’ve never seen 150, have you? (Someone would have done it by now, that’s how it worked. But I’d never seen it before they killed the old system).

And you also couldn’t refine under the old forge system. The current levels of regular forging combined with refining are WAY more powerful than anything in the old system.

Old forging gave a MUCH GREATER bonus. Don’t argue.

And I promise you that you would still get better results under the current forge system. It was very difficult to do well.

If I had to choose one system, it would be exactly what we have now. It’s better than the old forge.

The refining system that first launched was bad. It’s way better now.

Agree. A friend made a 120k CD cape with the new system, and he is still at level 131. Try it, it’s great!