nerfing items ? rly ?

out of curiosity is that cd cape on athena ? :slight_smile:  @AlterPapi

I’m level 128. I got 83K on the Cape. I use only 4* and 5*

That’s great for 128. I bet it would be tough to break 100k at 128. You’d need an unbelievable starting item.

congratulations to everyone… 

I’m not sure that will be able to get another 40-50K with a new forge at 131 level .

Nobody said 50k. But another 30K is reasonable for sure with the current forge system and a high quality starting item.

OR you could make 2 CD items in like the 80-90k range very cheaply (lots of 1* forges) and refine them onto a couple of different items. There are so many different things you can do now. I have a hard time seeing why people are unhappy with the current system.

You wrote it. With the new forge you can get more than a ring of Puria

Quote me.

You are good player and thx for your honesty. 

Those item’s existance always denied. 

When an ordinary lvl 131 like me can hit 210k physical resistance only perseus mirror shield is refined with a 5 star gold item. In that case damage reflection drops half of stats. 

A shield can hit max 150k physical resistance for us and if lucky the second resistance can hit max 90-100k.

I mean both stats will be %40 lower in comparision to yours. 

So we have to occupy another item slot with physical resistance. So our 2 slot gone. When we go to another resistance, one more slot is gone also so it goes like this… 

Just know this:

You are a very good player

Honest also. 

You made these items with not cheating, thats wht we call them buggy items

In every case you seem to forge better items than me… 

We wanted to forge something like that.

Or at least near them

Or better base stats

Or buggy items must be somewhat normalised

Or at the end those items must be removed, who is having that

On conclusion:

Unfortunatelly you can not forge an item like that anymore and we never had that chance. 

Some finds it fair, sorry i am not… 



You DID have the chance, though.

At least know you accepting the existance of superforged/steroid boosted items on public. That is good news… 

Now the topic is something like changing to " you had a chance also" ?


Those are your teammates, right? You guys knew what you were doing, clearly.

I never once denied the existence of the old forge system. What a ridiculous thing to say. I was one of the loudest voices asking the Devs to bring it back. I just stopped after they said no and started working on getting them to improve the new system. Which they have. It’s nice, you should try it!

Who denied good powerful items on the old system? Thats the exact reason why 90% of members here were complaining about the nerf of forging on this forum.

And I know at least 6 members of my alliance with shields over 200k, a few who I didn’t know, plus a lot more outside. All you had to do was ask someone, listen and try to do the same.

You can really forge very powerful items now. Latest forging “boost” from devs has made forging strong and now easily available for ALL. Its fairly simple. All you need to do is 2 basic steps.

Wanting old forging back not the same thing as deniying its existance of those weird stats (they are more than my imaginations, honestly, and maybe more than yours idk) 

Anyway more people now clearly seing what we talking about for months… 

Aaa sorry i forget:

Now, I have to believe myself that " with new forging i can forge better items than those ring or shield" 

Good night


I cant speak for all, but I wanted the magic to create and improve. Refining system (with new forging values, even from last time) does that, and if you dont know how to make a good ring, send me a message.

Who denied it? Me not wanting post screenshots of all my items because you and Vasudeva tell me to isn’t the same thing as denying anything. I’m not your dog. But thanks for trying!

And if you think I said that you can forge better items than Pouria’s with the current system, you’re completely mis-quoting me. What I said was that you can forge as good or better items than what you could make on the old system without going completely insane. 3 months ago this wasn’t a true statement. But even under the old forge system, you couldn’t have superforged items in every slot on every hero. It wasn’t possible. So you can’t hit the highs on individual items now (which was VERY hard to do before), but you can have much better items in every slot. It’s good. And it’s EASY. Like it’s almost brainless. The old forge system was much more challenging, which I liked, but this one gets results.

On top of that, refining completely changes about half the heroes in the game. I don’t care if you had 2 rings like Pouria posted in the first post, Athena wasn’t a top-tier hero 6 months ago. She is now. Now that they’ve got the base level forge values up to where they should have been, the total package is way better and more versatile than the old forge system. Chris and Captain Morgan did a really nice job. It took a long time, though! But this game only has one speed.

Hi there,

The thread OP question is answered. :slight_smile:

We will not revert the forge system and we will not adjust the old items. You can make much stronger items via forging now :slight_smile:

On a side note:

haha so funny 

tnx for ur OPPPP answer ?

good to see that there is a community manager can actually do his job ? 

keep up the good work