Nerfing troops and spells

Instead of always asking for troops or spells to be nerfed because they seem OP to the ordinary player (meaning my level, and I’m a 98 level player), can we please start hoping on here to ask for the best way to defeat troops, or for the best set-up instead if your alliance members won’t help you? There are plenty of forum members who don’t feel that some of these troops, beasts, whatever don’t need nerfing, rebalancing…whatever you choose to call it…and it’s a matter of practicing with those setups to learn how to deal with them. Phoebe has given me a ton of trouble, until I stopped avoiding that Blue Beast and started facing her, found a set up that worked (for the most part), and started working towards better gear. Do I like facing her? Nope, not in the least, but I won’t complain about it because it makes me a better player in the long run.

When things truly need rebalancing, I won’t complain, but lets stop complaining because people want easy battles, and don’t want to lose trophies or are tired of spending gems. No one makes you spend gems to get past a beast, or to finish a base, so don’t. Force yourself to keep working on beating those bases, practice on your alliance members, and get stronger. It’s the only way to learn.

If your base is constantly getting beaten, ask your alliance members what to do to make it a better base, learn from the ones that you can’t beat, constantly test your own base. If you can beat it easily, then make it harder until you can’t beat it yourself. Change the design, change the towers, barricades, whatever. Work with the test layouts. Do what you need to do to become a better, stronger player.