Never before thought of idea for pro league!

Fair warning: this is a sound off so if you don’t like that (ahem fourofjacks ahem), don’t continue reading

Hey flare! I have a brand new theory about the pro leagues, one I don’t think anyone at flare has ever thought of before. And it is…


Every single damn level it’s the exact same thing: “let’s make levels harder by spamming more super range super forged heal towers hur dur dur!” How about, I dunno, making the pro league a little bit more diverse? Instead of the exact same levels every damn time, every damn pro league? Use your imaginations flare! Its easy! It’s not rocket science! 

Oh and for this pro league, we got a boost to shield, a spell that we don’t even have… Literally just looking it over once would’ve caught that. Idiots.

I think it may be time to find a new game. Royal revolt hasn’t had any significant, positive gameplay changes to make it less boring. 

Hello, the current pro league is called Blessing Cup, it is all about Blessing/Heal. You will notice that the levels have more Monks, Holy Paladins and (as you already noticed ^^) Heal Towers to fit the title of the Pro League. The levels are now changing every Pro League, so they are not the same as last time, and more original fun levels are coming as well in the next pro leagues :slight_smile:

I don’t mind too many heal towers, but the difficulty has increased, meaning people get lower skulls. Usually this wouldn’t have been a problem, but it does make it harder to get certain pro boosts if the difficulty keeps changing.

Sorry but did I miss something?  Where is the ‘shield boost’.

He said a boost to shield, not a shield boost.

But here it is mentioned as Shield boost. So I thought boost to shield or shield boost is same.


Any way I don’t even know what is this. Can u plz… 

First World Problems …

Thank you ftb, looking forward to it