Never Have I Ever: RR2 edition.

So here are the rules to NHIE RR2 edition. A person will say “Never have I ever, [blank],” and if you’ve done what that person said, that person gets to raid you. Except, it’s a tradeoff, because they have to scroll until they beat you :grinning:

Never Have I Ever… Dumped trophies onto an open base.

never have I ever, purchased the 20000 gems pack (regardless if it was on sale or bumped up to 24000)

Ehm, kenster, you won’t find anybody on the forums who has…

well you are very wrong. I myself have purchased it both at full price and on discount since I made that post :wink:

Oh, this one is fun!

Never have I ever seen paladins any useful on offense (in fact, I haven’t even seen them useful on low lvl). 

Well, Holy Paladins are strong against Werewolves, at least…

Never Ever Have I missed to kick back a bombtower bomb and watched all my units die.


Never happened!


Hahaha :wink:


Never have I ever gotten my base beaten by a lvl 1 player. BOOM!