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I am the author of this Blog called Royal Revolt Addicts(! I will be posting Tip, Tricks, Guides, Experiments and Useful little things related to Royal Revolt. I update this from time to time. Here’s a list of my more prominent posts, Enjoy! :slight_smile:


An Experiment with Frost Arblasters

Archer Tower vs Firebolt Tower       

Arrow Tower vs Range Troops

Blade Storm Alliance

Blade Storm’s Top Raids

Epic Names - Kings Alliances

Firebolt Tower vs Range Troops

*New*** Frenzy Frost Arblasters Nerfed!          **

How do Burning/Poison Effect Work?How Do Firebolt Tower, Gargoyle Tower and Pyromancer Work?How do Froster’s Slow Effect Works?How do Frost Tower, Gargoyle Tower and Snake Tower work?How do Gargoyle/Blunt Damage work on Kings?****How do Gold Bonus Work?

How to earn Gems - Bait BaseHow to earn Gems - Bait Base pt 2How to earn Gems - Bait Base pt 3How to earn Gems - Bait Base pt 4How to spend your Hard-earned Gold Wisely!

Ogre vs Towers

Ploughing is Illegal Now!

Royal Revolt Youtubers and Their Videos****Special Package Offers Guide

Sonic Blast vs Towers

Troops vs Blockades pt 1 - Knights

Troops vs Blockades pt 2 - Archers

Troops vs Blockades pt 3 - Paladins

Troops vs Blockades pt 4 - Ogres

Troops vs Blockades pt 5 - Frosters

Troops vs Blockades pt 6 - Gargoyles

Troops vs Blockades pt 7 - Cannons

Troops vs Blockades pt 8 - Pyromancers

Troops vs Blockades pt 9 - Mummies

Troops vs Blockades pt 10 - Arblasters

Troops vs Blockades pt 11 - Werewolves

Troops vs Blockades pt 12 - Mortars

What Does The Granny Say?



My Daily Royal Revolt 2: Fun Facts Series! Appreciate the support! There will be more!



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I will TRY my best to make it a daily thing  :sunglasses:

Everyday, there will be at least a post! Which is my Fun Facts series! I have decided to make it a daily thing, schedules to post everyday at 00.00 Pacific Daylight Time. Some days, there will be more major and prominent posts together with these facts, while some days, it’ll just be these daily facts. I hope you all like it  :slight_smile:


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Fact fun:

When your gold chamber is full, Treasure Chamber will give pearls instead!

Not that that’ll ever happen to any of us…

Tried it before, shitty trade off imo, 20-50k gold for 1-3 pearls? If it was 5-10 Gems, I’d love it!


Since we’re doing it, the maximum amount of Gold you can lose from one single attack is 500k!


Keep the chain going guys!

Screw the chain, new EPIC Experiment Post from me! 


How Do Firebolt Tower, Gargoyle Tower and Pyromancer Work?


Its like a follow up/part 2 of “How do Frost Tower, Gargoyle Tower and Snake Tower work?” -


I did dispute some of the facts that Sentinel have mentioned though!



In my experiments, there IS a contradiction between 2 Firebolt Towers! Some of the ‘Burning’ Effect’s DPS are lost.

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I intend to make the ultimate compilation of all the informative things regarding Royal Revolt if possible! Something like wikia but wikis are more to ‘data’ and I’d like to provide ‘information’ if you know what I mean . Wiki is like a dictionary, nobody reads entire dictionary, I suppose lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Some game’s wikia, I’ve seen 1.7k pages, some even 4k pages! I don’t think its that fun to read random factual information anymore :confused:

At that point, i usually go for guides, articles, tests results on best ways of doing thing’s in game, people’s opinion/way of doing things in game and etc!

Like watching a pro stream!

*But then again, at the moment RR’s wiki is like <100 pages. Still I don’t believe I’ve read it all :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s better to have visual aid~ ^.^

You don’t need to read by force everything in the Wikia, if you need something you know that there is =)

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