New Ability: Hypnosis

Confusion makes the troops unconsious and lets them fight with your side but for sometime. _Black Magic _copies the enemy troops(dosen’t let the enemy troops fight with your side)and let them fight with you for whole time but with less health. _What if something is much more than _Black Magic  Confusion combined ?

There’s something what I called as Hypnosis.

Hypnosis   makes the enemy troop fully under control (not like Zombie by attacking like Bela) but without touching the units, it can hypnotize troops from far away.

Not only that, It makes the hypnotized troop’s health full. After that it Increases the Troop’s  Skill** :**

S__peed Attack Rate (like Juggernaut)****,  Damage  ( +10-30% ),  Health  ( +5-10% ) &  Weakness  ( - 5 to 10% ) :- These will increase gradually by Increasing Level.

Resistance(100%) :  This ability makes the Hypnotized Enemy Troop Resistant to :

1.   (In - Defence): _Stun ,  Slowdown by Ice Petrify ,**   Battlecry  ( or Howl ),  _Intimidate , ** Fear** ,  Zombie &  Black Magic.**

2. (In - Offence): _Everything _In-Defence  **   Spirit Howl.**

_But what about damage like a black magic does while copying units ?  _Since this ability increases the health of hypnotized troop, it would have taken it from somewhere…So  Hypnosis  drains the life of other unhypnotized enemy troops and adds it to hypnotized one.  But the power of  Life Drain  should not be applied to pal or troop if they already have other damages in special ability.

This makes Hypnosis a powerful awesome ability with some damages to enemy troops.

There’s a new pro dragon pal _ Sycorax   with this new ability. Go and see it now from link **:-  _**



Hypnosis  is when something is hypnotized and that means when a troop is hypnotized, it is under the control of Hypnotizer(Master) not under the control of any thing else, but _ It  _increases the skill of hypnotized thing. It is automatically cancelled if the master dies or master itself unhypnotizes it.

Re-read this article something new power has been added to this ability .

I don’t want it as a spell but I would like to have it as a special ability in some new Troop or Pal. 

That’s what you can see more in link below the main post.