New alliance: ELITE IV



I’ve just made a new alliance, but i don’t have members.

This is a very active alliance so please come and join my alliance.

It’s name is “ELITE IV”

I will give a lot of boosts if you guys join.



Mats 3YE

Requirements, what you give to your members is needed…

How is an alliance with 0 members…

A “very active” alliance?  :blink:

@mats3YE, you should at least tell what you intend to do and what members can expect. Being active is a very general term, a lot of players are looking for that, but explain what makes your team special.

Your alliance level is 4, so only very low knight boost possible now to promise, but new members don’t know if they can expect 24/7 boost or not. I will help you a little bit with overview of next levels.


Depending on your own daily donation plus that of members you can focus on alliance growth for example. To become active, it means you need to have enough active (read: members not inactive) members to participate in conquest plus war seasons. For conquests you need 15 members, so first focus should be to level up to alliance level 10+ and get enough members.

So remaining is what makes your team special and give information why players should join your team. Do you intend to educate them (so language of communication is important) or have a future plan to improve the team? What kind of boosts can players expect realistically, what kind of players are you looking for? That information is valuable. 


Haha… Thats a foolishness. Alliance with only leader is very active??? :huh: :huh: 

I think, he can get that in Royal Revolt’s WiKi, made by oPelle.

Nope, he can only get it partially and spreaded all over the wikia page, it’s not represented in a single overview there.

You can find a lot of info at wikia, but cumulative info you need to calculate by yourself. And looking up all alliance boosts ordered by level, isn’t also that easy on that site.

The view I shared here, is only representing a small subpart of my actual view of alliance info. I have a lot of overviews, making RR2 life easier, but that’s of topic. 

Any cool suggestion on how we can improve it then? :slight_smile:

PS: I just realized I’m going off-topic, feel free to PM me about it if you feel like it. Thanks in advance!

You got a PM. I did include cumulative columns inside the attached Excel.